Why is ‘travelling’ everything post Pandemic?

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Why is ‘travelling’ everything post Pandemic?...

The list of problems in pandemic can go on & on, and the pessimist in you can take over But we are here to tell you how the world & you will heal?


Corporate Travel Post COVID-19...

the need of the corporate to prepare itself for travel post COVID-19


Air-travel- A ray of hope in the mid-pandemic travel in...

Air travel may have its risks but it still remains the safest way to travel right now.


Travel Management - Need of the hour!...

The rising need for travel management


Corporate Travel 3.0-The New-Age Of Corporate Travellin...

 we have entered the era of corporate travel 3.0, the latest development enabling business trips to be more seamless and self-drafted.


Why You Need A Contract With A Corporate Travel Solutio...

Is your corporate travel management partner a seller or a service provider? Use this crisis to find out which category they fall into.


Why Does Your Organisation Needs To Implement A Modern ...

Simplify the way your employees travel by incorporating modern travel solutions.

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Low Touch Travel- The New Normal Of Travelling...

The new normal in travelling- low touch travel

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Travelling In The Time Of Corona Virus...

Follow these coronavirus measures while you travel

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How To Book A Flight With Genie?...

How to book a flight with Genie? It’s simple- just talk to Genie

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What Will Be Big This Year In Travel Technology?...

We’re already half way in 2019 and at O Genie we are really excited about the way we see technology putting the traveller first.We are in the times where a traveller is inspired to travel when, where and how they choose and more importantly through whichever means they prefer.


What Will Be Big This 2019 In Travel Technology?...

It’s just the start of 2019 and we at GenieTalk are really excited about the way we see technology putting the traveller first.

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Travelling Now More Convenient With GenieTalk...

Many a times we feel the need of a PA who could manage our lifestyle, who knows exactly what we are looking for and manage accordingly. From booking a cab to flight tickets and even hotel reservation, most of us require an assistant to plan our travels.

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Need Perfect Assistance For Your Holiday Planning – G...

GenieTalk acts as a travel planner for you taking care of all your travel requirements. You don't need to visit different websites to get deals on tickets or accommodation or even events. Genie can do everything for you, that too within minutes - from booking air tickets to hotels room, suggesting the best travel destinations, booking a cab and even providing details of a private charter on request.


Book A Flight Ticket With Genietalk...

Are you planning to travel and are looking forward to book flight tickets? Just sit back and relax. With GenieTalk, it is easy to book the flight tickets as the personal assistant will help you book both domestic as well as international tickets in just three simple steps.


 GenieTalk-AI Personal Assistant - A Must In Every Ph...

GenieTalk, a personal assistant ready to serve you whenever required takes care of everything. Still, if you are looking forward to a more lavish experience then we have an excellent option for you.