Aug 28, 2017

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Day-To-Day Life

You might be aware of the technical term called Artificial Intelligence (AI), but do you know, it is very much implemented in our daily life? When we think about AI, the first image which pops up in our mind is of a robot.

AI is the simulation of the human intelligence processes with the help of machines which includes the learning and the reasoning processes. AI applications include expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision.

To understand it better, let’s see some examples of AI in our daily life:

  • The most commonly used feature of iPhone, Siri assistant which recognizes our voice or request history and displays the output
  • The Google Maps app used to find the routes provides us with the routes suggestions based on our previous travel patterns and current traffic conditions.
  • The Spam filter available in our email software automatically filters the irrelevant emails from the important ones by checking the subject line and the body of an email.
  • The suggestions made by many e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart regarding its products, books or music you may like.
  • Ever noticed, when you search for anything on YouTube, next time you open it, most of the content it shows are related to your previous searches. It is because of AI.
  • Even when you listen to the songs on Saavn, Gaana or any other music app, it always suggests the songs related to your choice.
  • AI-driven personal assistants make life easy by providing various suggestions and recommendations. From nearby restaurants to movie tickets to cab availability, it offers all the facilities online, within seconds.
  • The electronic home doors and windows of your house are a result of AI and are called smart home automation.
  • All the product related customer queries of brands are handled by AI. When you call on their helpline number, you get the IVR. This helps them to save on resources.
  • You might have placed orders on the e-commerce websites. Be it ordering food or grocery items, next time you visit the app you’ll be flooded with suggestions and offers on related items.

Now onwards if not earlier, you will definitely start noticing AI-driven services that makes life so much easier.