Aug 10, 2017

Importance Of AI Personal Assistant In Our Daily Life

In order to expand a company or to make it more organized and efficient, one needs a PA. The help of a PA is needed to ensure all the work is done efficiently.

But nowadays, with the help of an AI-based personal assistant, pressure on the startups have hugely reduces. The AI PA is a digital assistant which understands the voice commands and shows the result based on them. With the entry of such an efficient product in the market, the capabilities and usage of AI PA are expanding rapidly. It leaves a positive impact on your business while maintaining your work-life balance.

Let's see the importance of AI Personal Assistant

  • AI Personal Assistant assists in financial operations, investing in stock money, managing different investments and much more. Using AI PA in finance has proved to be swifter and much more helpful than humans to provide solutions.
  • AI PA acts as a travel jockey recommending destinations of your choice, comparing the prices, booking cabs, booking hotel room and so much more. It saves time and effort on the online research plus guiding to the best place based on your choices.
  • AI PA helps in submitting bills and taxes online. Thus, saving so much time and energy.
  • It also reminds about upcoming bills, birthdays, anniversaries and all the other important dates and events of your life. It even suggests the gift options for these special occasions.
  • With the help of AI PA, you can get any information within seconds.
  • AI PA in offices helps to schedule meetings, advise colleagues or dictate emails.
  • It can even guide users through the ordering process on food website suggesting additional options.
  • AI PA is also being used by large conglomerates like HSBC, ICICI to answer queries from web customers automatically, saving on both time and efforts.
  • All the product related customer queries of brands are handled by AI. When you call on their helpline number, you get the IVR. This helps them to save on resources.
  • You might have placed orders on the e-commerce websites. Be it ordering food or grocery items, next time you visit the app you’ll be flooded with suggestions and offers on related items.

Thus, AI personal assistant has become an integral part of many organizations. They predict and act on many of the consumer needs even before they express them.