Jul 31, 2017

Scope Of Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant In Company Operations

In order to grow, in this competitive market, organizations are looking forward to enhancing their business units. With the help of AI personal assistant, they have transformed their business units into more profitable ones.

The AI Personal Assistant has been primarily implemented in several industries such as telecommunications, retail, hospitality and consumer banking. This technology has the capability to perform tasks similar to humans.

Personal Assistant interacts with customers through varied platforms. They respond to the user queries immediately without any human intervention creating a positive impact with respect to customer experiences in contact centres.

While calling a customer care department, you might have spoken to a computerized voice. It has been noticed that with the help of artificial intelligence registering a customer query is quick and provides the accurate solution through its huge multiple databases than a customer care executive. It decreases customer centre operating costs while enhancing the customer experience.

AI Personal assistant can also be used for internal work process of the companies like setting up of meetings, transferring files over the systems, allocation of work etc. This accuracy and speed of response enhances the brand marketing of the company giving out quicker return on investment.

With its multilingual capabilities, seamless integration with third-party systems such as SAP and Oracle, and speech-to-text capabilities, AI is widely being used across many industrial sectors.