Oct 23, 2017

Travelling Now More Convenient With GenieTalk

Many a times we feel the need of a PA who could manage our lifestyle, who knows exactly what we are looking for and manage accordingly. From booking a cab to flight tickets and even hotel reservation, most of us require an assistant to plan our travels.

Meet Genie, which makes everything easy for you. It acts as a personal assistant planner who does everything you ask, within minutes. Genie who works on AI understands your needs and priorities. It is a deep learner who interacts with you through a conversational commerce platform and provides you with the best solutions for all your queries and executes various transactions online.

Genie provides you with many suggestions from flight bookings to best travel destinations to hotel bookings which pretty much suits your requirements. You don't need to visit different apps for all these different tasks. Our Genie manages all of them on one single platform which saves much of your time.

You can enjoy all the luxurious services, from getting a private charter to booking an exotic island to booking the most luxurious hotel, to finding out fine dining places, to even renting a car to explore the new place. Genie saves your money and efforts of hiring a travel agent by becoming your travel planner who understand your travel requirements.

It can perform n number of tasks, including:

  • Plan your travel budget and save your pocket for the next trip
  • From Booking Domestic and International flights to arranging for cab services to your destination
  • Rescheduling / cancelling flights
  • Takes care of your hotel reservations and even suggest your favourite food places
  • Planning and scheduling meetings at your desired destination
  • Sending timely travel plan reminders to keep you updated
  • Provide meet and assist lounge access, self-drive as well as porter facilities also

Genie through it smart learning process will become familiar with your choices, the next time you book a ticket with Genie, it’ll be all set for you. The next time Genie will know your seat choice, hotel preferences and also, type of meal you prefer. Basically, it can do a lot of wonderful and exciting things for you at your command.