Sep 13, 2017

 GenieTalk-AI Personal Assistant - A Must In Every Phone

GenieTalk, a personal assistant ready to serve you whenever required takes care of everything. Still, if you are looking forward to a more lavish experience then we have an excellent option for you.

Join The Elite Club

Elite Club membership and reward points provide you with all the exclusive privileges. There would have been times you might have cancelled your flights due to varied reasons and lost a lot of money on cancellation. Genie your personal travel assistant is there to help you out. If you are an Elite member, you are sorted. Every time you cancel your flight, it waves of your flight cancellation charges. Isn’t it wonderful?

It offers many more special services. When you visit a new place, you wish to explore it. You wish to know about the exciting places for delicious food and entertainment. Genie not only helps you in suggesting the food based on your choice, but can also book a table for you. In order to enjoy many more elite services, join the GenieTalk Elite Club.

Just remember, the higher the tier, the better returns.