Mar 20, 2019

What Will Be Big This 2019 In Travel Technology?

It’s just the start of 2019 and we at GenieTalk are really excited about the way we see technology putting the traveller first.

We are in the times where a traveller is inspired to travel when, where and how they choose and more importantly through whichever means they prefer.

More and more travellers these days are bent towards building their own trips suiting their schedule and budget – itineraries, flight bookings, hotel reservations, cab bookings – all of it from a single platform.

Also, travellers are more open about sharing their experiences from beginning to end, communicating their plans across digital channels they frequently use including their emails and calendars. And, it is these platforms that give us an opportunity to personalize the customer experience by engaging and inspiring them where they are available the most.

Technology has shifted the balance of power between business and customer across the travel industry. At GenieTalk, our focus is on building solutions that enable customers to enjoy a seamless end-to-end travel experience.

Working with new-age technology in the travel booking sector, we are trying to eliminate the traveller pain points by making travel a truly customer-centric experience.

Turning The Tables – Taking Travel To The Traveller

Deep learning technology allows us to understand user behaviour by building knowledge graph to provide users with personalised experience from their past history along with details stored in their calendar.

We try to understand the user based on their past preferences, and our algorithms personalize recommendation and suggest users when is it the right time to book their travel.

Continuous Conversations For Frictionless Experiences - Voice Tech

Using voice & continuous conversation based-technology user can have a human-like conversation with our AI Agent.

From initial travel queries, customer service issues and personalized recommendations, to booking confirmations, payment details, travel notifications and more, conversations that come so naturally to us allows for a more seamless and, more importantly, convenient consumer interaction.

It is only by conceptualizing the entire consumer conversation within the platform and not complicating the process with additional platforms or touch-points, we are working towards making travel bookings a more frictionless process.

Predictive; Suggestive; Personalized - Predictive Analysis

Foraying into predictive analytics territory with new forecasting capabilities, we can now predict future travel trends accurately based on past user data.

With the data provided by our data partners along with the predictive analysis technology, we are going to provide users with personalised travel options - when one should book their travel or if they need to wait and also for how many days and other personalised travel recommendations.

From transportation to accommodations, from bookings to reminders, from making memories to sharing experiences, travellers in 2019 have way more travel options at the command of their voice than ever before. At GenieTalk, we have dedicated ourselves to building the technology to support the era of customer-centric travel making the process of buying and managing travel continually better over a simple conversation with Genie.