May 15, 2019

Sense Of Imagination: The Most Important Skill Of Artificial Intelligence

The most common myth about Artificial Intelligence is that it will take jobs away. However, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools when collaborating with humans will make work easier, interesting and fun. Companies which involve artificial intelligence lead to their progress. However, the most important skill which is required to make AI more powerful and interesting is the sense of imagination. The collaboration of machines and human will make work processes become more fluid and adaptive which will help employees and companies to completely re-imagine themselves. The success of AI is totally dependent on the sense of imagination.

Imagine and Experiment

Experimentation is the key. In science, any experiment which doesn't involve any kind of theory or theorem is considered a failure. This mindset should be applied while designing new business process. It is a must for every employee to be more aware of their workforce and culture in order to perform and implement new experiments. Thus, in order to achieve success and to stay on top of the competitive market, we need to be imaginative and experimental.

An imagination of new and innovative process

It's natural for people to become stuck in their old working ways making it difficult for them to imagine a new and easy process of doing the same work. In order to avoid this situation they should always keep in mind the difference between the standard and the traditional business process. Changes are must and self-adaptive which requires the input of both machines and humans. The task should not be limited only to humans or machines. It should be the result of combined effort of both, human-machine intelligence. They should constantly focus on inventing and reinventing new strategies and operations. Thus, together they should focus on implementing a new and bold process which could make their company lead in this competitive market.

An imagination of blended culture of humans and machines

In order to develop a blended culture of humans and machines, we need to develop a culture of trust in these robots - colleagues. To develop trust in these AI systems one can carry out various experiments with AI and train it. This will help them to understand the potential of AI and its practical dimensions.

AI systems should be developed in a manner so that it can offer explanations of their decisions and provide suggestions to them. It requires time and experiment to develop trust on these machines. If humans-machines work together then the outcome can improve for everyone.

An imagination of a data supply chain

In order to gain an accurate and deep understanding of AI machines one should imagine data as an end-to-end supply chain. It is a completely new fundamental way of thinking about the dynamic data which comprises of wide activities like data capturing, cleaning, integrating, curating and storing.

The demands of the competitive market make it necessary to shift from centralized to decentralized models of management. It will accelerate the creation of complex and timely solutions to all the problems.