Jun 29, 2019

Role Of AI In The Field Of Education

There are many projects already in work which uses AI to assist students and teachers to get a better educational experience. AI in some fields has already made drastic changes and now it is poised to make big changes in the field of education.

AI is already in the process to enhance and accelerate the learning process which can change everything from admission process to providing grading to the students. This smarter and more personalized approach to education is beneficial not only for students but also for teachers.

Here are some advantages of using AI technology which will reshape and redefine the educational experience for the coming future.

1. Speedy administrative process

The primary advantage of AI technology in the field of education is a speedy administrative education process for both institutions as well as teachers. It requires a lot of time and efforts for teachers to evaluate lessons, grade homework and captivate the student’s interest.

With the help of AI technology, teachers will be able to spend their valuable time on lesson planning and teaching strategies. AI machines can assist teachers in the grading process and can also improve the admission process, therefore, reducing the workload of administration offices by automating the paperwork process and interacting with the students through AI chatbots.

2. Additional educational support

The advanced AI tutoring and study programs are beneficial for students struggling with the basic concepts. It eliminates the need for students to rely on their teachers who have limited time and availability. These dynamic learning programs interact with the students directly and are capable of providing them specific details regarding their problems that cannot be readily addressed by their teachers.

3. An array of learning styles

AI provides various visual and dynamic learning channels outside the classroom supporting a wide range of learning style. It is difficult for the teacher to pay attention to each individual in the class with limited time and resources.

To deal with this problem, AI offers various adaptive learning processes like digital textbooks, learning games and software to individualize learning. It facilitates the learning process and provides step by step guidance needed by the students during the learning process. Thus, AI technology focuses on providing tangible and individualized learning support to the students and helps them to interact with them instead of just reading the books.

Artificial Intelligence, if used wisely, holds great potential for both students and teachers. AI teaching will transform our world by magnifying the development of education in the future and will help shape the next generation of more personalized learning and responsive teaching.