Jun 29, 2019

9 Ways Voice Assistants Are Impacting Marketing

We are fast approaching an era of voice assistants meaning the mundane day-to-day tasks are now performed by voice assistants. Since voice technology is everywhere, it is the reason marketers are now interacting in a different way with consumers.

Let’s take a look at 9 ways voice assistants are changing marketing

1. Better Audience Engagement

Voice assistants are changing the way marketers are telling stories. They are driving diversity in marketing as brands are now changing the way they engage with their audiences not only in terms of content but also in the ways of integration of AI into products.

2. Potential For More Personalization

Voice assistants are pushing to recognize individual voices as it helps them cater personalized results in terms of messaging, shopping, music and more. Even identification of a user’s accent or emotional tone would trigger different results.

3. Better At Enabling Retention

Brands can easily weave retention and up-sell into an assistant’s flow as at the heart of all assistant is a flowchart that tells the assistant where to go next. That makes it easy for marketers to add retention and up-sell brand messaging to enhance customer service.

4. Emphasizing On Conversations

Voice assistants have names and related personality making conversation with them more interactional. They are embracing humanity into technology so the customers talk to them in a more natural and compelling way. And, an engaging conversation is more likely to convert to a transaction or identify a lead allowing brands and marketers to understand customer requirements.

5. Enabling New Experiences

Voice assistants are in their own way pushing companies and products to customers. Say for example you are watching an interesting match or a movie and wish to order some food; you don’t need to make a call or log in somewhere, simply ask the voice assistant to order from your favourite restaurant without no effort from your side.

6. More Insights

Distinguishing voices and managing different account profile even from a single household means more insights into multiple users.

7. More Web Traffic

The voice assistant tells the user to use their website to find more about any answer directing them to the website meaning more traffic coming to your site.

8. Emphasizing The Feature Snippet

AI revolution is already here. But we have only seen the trailer, the picture of it features is yet to come with more exciting services. AI will increasingly transform our lives.

9. Increased Demand For Writers

Your content not only has to be written well but also has to be read well, increasing the demand for writers and editors.

If it already hasn’t, the rise of voice assistants will in the near future change the way you market.