Jun 29, 2019

GenieTalk-Transforming The Online Booking Process

AI in the food industry is setting new trends changing the way how business is done. AI technology helps restaurants respond to customer enquiries within seconds. AI technology can even suggest the food industry create items based on their user preferences. It holds the capability to improve the food ordering process in numerous ways. With GenieTalk the process is simplified as you don’t have to wait for hours to place an order.

Voice assistants are changing the way marketers are telling stories. They are driving diversity in marketing as brands are now changing the way they engage with their audiences not only in terms of content but also in the ways of integration of AI into products.

GenieTalk is capable of creating enormous food database of user choice, analyze it and provide suggestions as per the user preferences. For e.g. if you tell Genie- I am hungry, get me something. The Genie based upon your past orders and preferences will suggest you some food items and will help you to place the order and ensure that the order is delivered to you. Also, it automatically detects your location and recommends you restaurants and hotels nearby your location.

Let’s take an example- You want to watch a movie today after your office hours. You asked the Genie to book a movie ticket for you in nearby theatre after your office hours. Genie will simply search the show timings for today. You just need to go ahead and pay for the ticket. It’s all done.

Genie AI-driven personal assistant is designed to simplify your life. It uses AI-driven algorithms and machine learning which makes your movie booking process similar to talking to a booking agent.

With its capability to understand complex queries, it makes everything simple for you. It already knows your seat preference, show timings, snacks selection while booking tickets. It has a large amount of data about its user and analyses the same, every time you ask for something. It shows you the options and recommendations that best suits their needs.

Apart from this, you can even book any event or show tickets to be held in your city. It’s entertainment vertical provides you with all the latest shows, events and movies tickets. Not only this, it also provides the updates on latest news across the world. It is multifarious - Genie who can do anything for you at just one single command.