Jul 15, 2019

Are You A Small Business Owner? 4 Ways You Can Benefit With Artificial Intelligence

Often associated with tech giants, artificial intelligence and machine learning require volumes of costly data to train and therefore small business owners feel reluctant to integrate AI into their workflow. But in today’s time, these worries are overstated.

Turning your small business into a data-driven company is easier than you think and here are 4 easy ways to help you set your AI transition in motion.

1.Customer Service Solutions

One of the key areas of efficient customer satisfaction and retention, the quality of customer service tends to weaken when support agents have to perform repetitive tasks. The focus from providing unique customer service shifts on the menial tasks.

This is where AI kicks in. AI-based customer service solutions automate the task by classifying tickets, suggesting answers, routing queries to the right team and more within no time at all. It not only frees up your customer agents but also, reduces handling time adding up to the customer satisfaction experience.

2.Marketing Solutions

Effective marketing requires efficient marketing budget and fortunately for small business owners, AI-powered marketing solutions that manage marketing across varied channels, analyze performance and make informed suggestions are available in the market.

Small companies can now use AI marketing solutions find their suitable marketing strategy. Automation and efficient marketing budget monitoring would also mean saving on a good part of company resources.

3.CRM Solutions

Designed specifically to compile information about consumers across varied channels, these days even small companies can benefit from AI functionality as CRMs come embedded with artificial intelligence solutions.

AI-enabled CRM allows small businesses to automatically get insights from their customer data, in turn, powering their sales and marketing team to offer personalized customer solutions.

4.Competitor Analysis

It is hard to keep track of the marketing strategies of your competitors when they create bytes of content each day. But it has become an easy feat with AI-powered competitive analysis tool. With powerful analytical capabilities, these tools identify weaknesses and strengths which can be further used to adjust your business strategy.

For small businesses to save on resources and stay competitive in this data-driven economy it is imperative to couple business intelligence with workflow automation. As the AI/ML market is on the rise small businesses have more and more options to kick-start their AI strategies. How do you plan to start yours?