Jul 15, 2019

Conversational Commerce to Boost brand loyalty and customer journey

You are not exactly sure of which flight to book, you began browsing. You are not entirely sure of which flight to opt for and you have been trying to find the suitable flight for yourself.

Now imagine logging onto a conversational commerce platform and being greeted by a friendly message, “Hi, How may I assist you?”

You address your concern for booking a flight to London. A response comes back immediately: “I love picking out flights for you!”

You’re asked a few questions about your preferences if you are and then shown a few different options, 2-3 of which are actually suiting your needs.

You select the flight and complete your purchase in just three simple steps, all without using your hands.

You just experienced conversational commerce.

In this post, we’ll cover conversational commerce, how it works, and share examples of how to use it in your mundane task. We’ll also provide some insight on how to choose the right AI platform for you.

Keep reading; it’s going to be fun.

What is Conversational Commerce?

When we talk about conversational commerce today, we’re talking about automated technology, usually involving artificial intelligence, that helps users and brands connect with each other through chat and voice.

More and more e-commerce retailers are using conversational commerce to simulate the in-store experience of having a personal assistant available to help users at each step of their shopping experiences.

And, with the growth of the conversational commerce apps, chatbots have enormous reach. As of early 2017, global monthly active users of the top 4 conversational commerce apps surpassed users of the top 4 social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

By the end of 2017, more than 40 million people owned a smart personal assistant devices (like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home) and the count is expected to double by the end of 18.

How Conversational Commerce Works?

Real-time, data-driven, personalized, and scalable platform built on artificial intelligent advancements, Conversational commerce helps in knowing your customer preferences and spending habits through constant review and analysis.

Why Use Conversational Commerce?

Conversational commerce is about providing a better, more personalized user experience using tools like AI personal assistants to engage with our customers.

It also benefits you!

1. Direct Line to Your Audience

It offer you a direct line to your customers and, importantly, give them a direct line to you. Customers lacking enough support during their experience are way less likely to buy your services.

Think about our story at the beginning of this article. What if the AI personal assistant hadn’t popped back in to check on you while you’d been looking for flights? Would you have stuck around, browsing aimlessly?

No way.

You would’ve bounced and gone to another platform where you’d either found what you wanted on your own or another, more helpful website had found it for you.

Genie can provide proactive support like that you’d find in a brick-and-mortar store and help the customers along in their customer journey.

2. Cost and Time Effective

Genie can help you out with the simple customer questions while humans are tackling the more complex stuff.

And, it can handle nearly an unlimited amount of interactions all at once. Humans… not so much. Fortunately, what we lack in multitasking capabilities we more than make up for in cognitive reasoning.

Bots can also be up and running 24/7. Human support can be too, but there are much greater costs to take into account for staffing customer support around the clock. It is both time and cost effective.

I am not saying that chatbots are a replacement for humans? Instead, I am saying that chatbots can be incorporated into your services and marketing strategies to increase their effectiveness and return and make everyone happier.

3. Lead Generation

Conversational commerce doesn’t have to be solely about making the sale. Not directly.

O Genie contain a goldmine of psychographic data. With better, more complete information about our potential customers, we can create targeted marketing campaigns that include high-converting personalization techniques like including our customer’s name, location, or recommending a product they’ll probably like.

Now, when you know everything about conversational commerce, How do you feel about it? Are you excited to start using AI Conversational Commerce apps?