Jul 15, 2019

Get More Work Done With Your Digital Assistant

Play some music’, ‘what’s the weather forecast for next week’ or ‘what day is Dec 25’?

You probably use digital assistants to entertain you or to know about something, but are you taking the right advantage of the AI technology to get more productive work done?

The world is fast filling up with new productivity tech that can help you make phone calls, set reminders, schedule appointments, book flight tickets, get news updates, reserve table at restaurants, book movie tickets and much more.

It’s faster to ask your digital assistant to make a call from your contact list than it is to unlock your mobile phone, search amongst the contact records and then dial the number. AI assistants are swifter than before as they are more independent and intuitive, but patience is the key.

The technology we are talking about is still in its evolving phase that all of us are struggling to understand.

The catch here is that you need to be transparent with people telling them about what you are using. For example, when scheduling an appointment, let them know that it will be an AI-powered digital assistant that’ll be scheduling your appointments and not your human assistant. This will smooth out problems if any arise.

You need to know that anything that attempts to act human is often interpreted as human and that can lead to misunderstandings. Many people will not react well when they know they are talking to a machine unless they have prior information.

As of now, AI-powered digital assistants are mostly independent neural networks with training data. But soon they will become services like everything else, software, infrastructure, storage and all. The changes these advancements will bring will change the way we work giving us more time on hand by improving our productivity.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know a digital assistant can enable you to do:

1. Pose questions while you are driving

You just need to speak and you’ll get the answers without taking your hands off the wheel.

2. Get work done without searching into your intranet

Your digital assistant is connected to various data sources making it instantaneous for it to get stuff done.

3. Get notified proactively

The this/then condition allows your smart digital assistant to proactively ping you when you need to take action.

4. Get help anywhere

In order to serve you better, over time, your AI-powered digital assistant learns about you. It can translate the knowledge of you into active ways to assist you as and when required.

5. Access anything, anywhere

The digital assistant works as an intermediary between your tools and devices allowing you to have access to a wealth of data anytime, anywhere.