Aug 28, 2019

AI brings speech recognition virtual assistant to work

The accuracy of the speech recognition system has improved significantly with the advancement in the AI technology. Because of which the virtual assistants are becoming popular among the consumers.
Virtual Assistant allow for more conversational interactions using speech recognition which speed up searches on mobile devices. They are been widely used in companies to improve the employee productivity and automating the workflows. Apart from companies, it is assisting users in the daily household chores.

Virtual assistant capabilities

Speech recognition allow for conversational interactions with the virtual assistants by issuing commands, creating reminders, managing documents etc. Speech to text can also be used for email dictation, while text to speech can be used in mobile devices to create notes, add events, reminders etc. You can even ask them to make or receive phone calls, create text messages, get directions, hear news and weather reports, find hotels or restaurants, check flight reservations, hear music, or play games.

Various tech companies are putting these AI powered digital assistants activated by voice, into multiple products. These product has the ability to recognize and process speech from wearables to connected cars, to home automation and appliances. These virtual assistant aims to deliver the “first best answer to you”.

Basically, they aim to know you better and give you more incentive to use their services. They provide you information even before you realize you need it. These smart assistants require large amount of user data to learn from it and become better at predicting the end user needs . When it comes about data sharing, the virtual assistant providers focus on maintaining privacy policies. They do not share any of the user data without his consent.

Future of speech recognition virtual assistant

With the advancement in the speech recognition and natural language processing, virtual assistant ability to understand and perform requests is increasing day by day. As voice technology is improving, virtual assistant use will move deeper into business workflows.