Aug 28, 2019

Smart Speakers and its features, can be called as voice assistants

Smart speakers also known as smart voice assistants have become very popular in the last few years. These are combined with a voice recognition system that the user can interact with. You can interact with them by just using your voice. To activate these smart speakers you can just use their wake up word like Hey Google, Hey Alexa.
You can ask questions to it, request to play a song for you, act as a reminder for your bills and even help you in your household as well as personal shopping. Some of these devices also come with equipped cameras that can be operated remotely and can even control parts of your home via a built-in "home assistant" feature. It generally serve as a central information source (weather, dictionary, traffic, directions, etc) and can provide control of common household tasks, such as environmental control (thermostat), lighting, door locks, window shades, security monitoring, and more.

Features of a smart speakers

1. Compact Size
It is of compact size so that it could be placed anywhere around the house. You can place the speaker virtually anywhere.

2. Internet
Easy connectivity via Wi-Fi through any smart devices.

3. Bluetooth
It provide bluetooth support from compatible smartphones and tablets (without depending on your Wi-Fi network).

4. Voice Control
A smart speaker has one or more built-in microphones, that allow you to speak commands that it will follow based on its functionality.

5. Home Assistant
A smart speaker can also function as a home assistant. It include access to TV, thermostat, and lighting control, message dictation, audio book playback, music streaming, language translation, shopping (including ordering take-out and delivery), and hands-free phone calling.

Need for a Smart Speaker

Here are some good reasons to buy a smart speaker:

1. Convenience
You can easily place it anywhere you want. Also, you only require your voice to operate it. You don’t have to search for any remote control or smartphone.

2. Interaction With Other Devices
It provide control integration possibilities with other devices around the house that can be controlled via easy voice commands.

3. Sound Quality
It is best in terms of audio playback quality.

Combining the ability to listen to music, with the ability to perform other personal and household tasks, definitely changes how we assess the need of traditional clock radio/alarm clock and compact mini audio systems. The availability of smart speakers adds another dimension to both home entertainment and home control.