Aug 31, 2019

From Personal Assistant To A Friend

No less than 20% searches on Android mobiles are initiated by voice and every week a whopping two billion spoken queries are received by Apple’s Siri. These numbers are enough evidence of the voice search popularity, but everyone is still frustrated by the so-called smart assistants that sometimes prove to be so dumb. They rarely understand anything more than a single command and conversation with them can be a total mood killer.

But all this is changing while you are reading about it. Natural language processes and machine learning promise a future in which your personal assistant is realistic, relates to you, understand you, a kind of cloud-based friend.

No more typing, swiping or tapping.

Opening up new possibilities for hands-free interaction, even for people who suffer from poor vision or motor impairment, voice recognition is an obvious next step for tech companies but it’s not only because of its ease of use.

Talking is how most of us communicate; we are wired to be vocal.

We connect most with conversations.

Have you ever noticed people leaving the television on in the background? It’s mostly because they want to hear someone talking. Voice recognition is the next step for digital assistants and it will transform from being a digital helper to a friend. But a lot depends on advances in machine learning, NLP and facial recognition software.

With engaging and intuitive conversations, the kind we have amongst humans would help us connect more with our smart assistants.

But the question stands, digital assistants are becoming smarter by the day, but will we accept them as our friends?

To bridge the gap between a personal assistant and a friend we’ll need AI that can connect the dots between what we are saying and our intent and the good news is that we are getting closer to it with each passing day.

We can expect some amazing stuff as the experts believe, when the tech matures we are bound to see a shift where we will see a world of synthetic friends and artificial confidants giving us the AI we deserve.

Post: Digital assistants are getting smarter, but can they be our friends? The times have come when we’ll soon see a shift from digital assistants to an artificially intelligent friend.