Sep 04, 2019

How voice assistants are changing the future of commerce?

Voice assistants are changing the face of the mobile-based commerce companies. According to the reports, 60% of consumers are looking towards using the Voice based assistant to handle their daily chores with just a few simple words. However, most of the daily chores involve online shopping, P2P transactions, and bill payments. It helps you skip the tedious process of typing or scrolling through information.
Most of the brands have already started using Voice recognition technology to transform the customer experience. The technology makes use of the data from past interactions and pre-set commands. The voice assistants understand your concern, provide answers to them and even make purchases for you.

Voice technology in banking

HSBC, Barclays, Citi, and Manulife have already started using an intelligent virtual assistant who answers all the customer queries in a conversational way. They have voice biometrics to validate your identity when you call. You can also ask for your latest transactions and report a lost card to these voice assistants. The benefit of which is no more wastage of time in verifying your account. Your voice is your password now.

Voice technology in Leisure and Hospitality

Many hotels have started practicing these voice-based assistants which help you do check-in using facial and voice recognition software. They can translate knowledge and have an encyclopedic knowledge of the area which helps the traveler in their trip. It helps to pamper the customer with round clock availability providing instant instructions. Thus, offering a completely personalized experience.

The smart home

These voice-activated appliances will help you get out of the bed, remind you to carry an umbrella in case it is raining, to set home temperature and lightning. Whirlpool has already set up with Alexa for the voice-activated appliances. It promises a new level of convenience and customization to make your life easier.
No more typing or scrolling on sites or devices without keyboards and no more phone trees. Just tell the digital assistant what you want.