Sep 06, 2019

Voice Assistants – Transforming Lives

Providing a personalised experience for each user as voice assistants can recognize different consumers and adjust their responses, voice technology does have the potential to transform – everything.
How many times have you set a reminder, sent a message or searched for answers by speaking into your phone? Voice technology is changing the way we surf, buy products and interact with our devices. AI-based personal assistants using voice have made these situations common transforming our work, play and life.

People all over are ditching their touch pads and keyboards as voice is taking over transforming how customers find and interact with brands. Businesses will have to soon adapt as voice assistants will impact consumers’ lives going forward.

No Screens

Voice assistants will soon be one of the reasons of disappearing screens as consumers ask questions to their devices and receive verbal responses to it. Whatever is it that a consumer wishes to know, they need to say it out loud to a virtual assistant that is on a standby mode and activated by talking.

No Wallets

Voice is an effective bio metric identifier as secure as a fingerprint, store voice print to pay using it as an identifier. The near future could hold see us speaking commands like ‘pay bills’ and be done with creditors.

No Search Boxes

As all will agree, it’s easier to speak a query rather than type it. It will be through voice-based apps and personal assistants that consumers will search or ask them to complete a task for them.

No Funnel

The purchase funnel can be eliminated with a one-click or in this case one-command payment method. Consumers can search, browse and make purchases within the same interface, which changes the game for businesses including the brands, marketers, retailers and platforms.

Better Life Quality

Moving away from the commercial aspect, voice assistants can make life convenient for the elderly and disabled who will have someone to answer them without even typing a single letter. Voice assistants will reduce the workload of caregivers while supporting independence for the elderly.
Coming up with newer features, voice assistants are becoming an integrated part of our everyday lives transforming not only how we work or play but our lives as a whole.