Sep 11, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Driven Personal Assistant Is Revolutionizing The Banking Industry

Many banking organizations have introduced AI PA which helps them to serve a large number of customers and reduce the cost of hiring the support team. It provides a two-way communication in a similar manner like humans. They can easily be implemented and maintained. They learn from us and interpret the result according to our needs. 

The AI-driven banking personal assistant is developed using AI algorithms which analyses the user data and based upon it provides a solution to the user query. It converses in the user language using data and machine intelligence to provide solutions to all the bank related queries regarding loan, account, policy etc.
With the increase in customer satisfaction level, the use of AI PA in banking is also increasing. Consumer prefers both online as well as the offline platform to introduce their queries to the banks. It acts as a personal conversational assistant for the banking customers who offers valuable advice and helps them to enable everyday banking tasks.
They even manage the customer data and can also help them know about their spending habits, transaction history, bill payment, online transfer, branch and ATM locator, credit card recommendations and credit scores. It also provides AI-based suggestions about money management. The 24x7 available PA points the user in the right direction to help them find relevant information, and is likely to attract a large number of customers. 
It can also be used by the banking employees to find information about the new assets, pull reports, resource functionality and can even assist sales teams in meeting the customer's expectations. The banking PA is a mix of both, live conversation and speed. They are helpful in enabling digital transformations in the banking sector. AI is revolutionizing the way banking industry functions.