Sep 25, 2019

10 ways Intelligent Personal Assistant transforming the future of work

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a theme in science fiction. It has been already integrated by many people in both their personal as well as professional lives. With the technology moving closer to our daily life, these IPAs are transforming user behaviour in searching and commanding from traditional typing to voice. 
IPAs are known as Intelligent Personal Assistant designed to assist people in performing a task from appointment management to providing driving directions and to answer similar information-based queries. IPAs answer all your queries and perform actions via voice commands using a natural language user interface. It even records your input to improve its performance and accuracy over time. 

With its capability growing day by day, here are top 10 IPAs becoming much more common in the workplace to help us in more interesting and productive ways.

1. Talent Recruiter  

IPAs are designed in a manner to serve as a talent recruiter, finding the most qualified individual by searching millions of resumes and other databases through social media searches. They are capable enough to send and receive applications to the companies and conduct interviews. 

2. Mentor 

Apart from being your assistant, it can also act as your mentor. IPAs help employees become better at the job by analysing their work process and recommending suggestions based on it. They keep themselves updated with the latest information and methods and make sure you achieve your goals. 

3. AI Bot

According to the studies, 25% of our job duties are prone to the repetitive task. Humans, when subjected to repetitive task are prone to multiple errors, increased stress and reduced work morale. This is exactly where IPAs comes into the picture. These AI bot can not only handle repetitive task but can also streamline ways to tackle them more efficiently. With these task taken care of, you can become specialised in other areas and learn new skills. 

4. Research IPAs

IPAs could largely manage the various time-consuming task like research. They could work on many different research requests and filter out unnecessary information easily. IPAs possess unlimited memory capacity and feed all the discussions and conversations.  

5. Travel Agent

More than just booking flights, IPAs could also help you find the best price available hotels, restaurants and flights. It even provides various suggestions and recommendations based on their requirements and habits. Experience hassle-free journey with these IPAs. 

6. Compliance Reporter

IPAs are also programmed to handle and report any kind of illegal behaviour in your organization. It is used as a tool to prevent various intentional or unintentional violations of law. Thus, they can be used to minimize the unethical behaviour or conflicts that might harm the company reputation. 

7. Data Analyst

Data provides you with a lot of information about consumers as well as the marketplace in general. But, it becomes difficult for us to handle and process the Big Data. IPAs here handles all this data quickly and effectively by implementing more accurate marketing strategies and decisions.

8. Health Advisors

IPAs are efficient enough to act as your wellness advisors and gets entwined with your personal and professional lives quite intimately. It knows when you are stressed or angry and makes effort to change your mood. 

9. Material Generators 

IPAs will help you put together relevant information as well as other company information. They even arrange them in the proper required format like Powerpoint, PDF and even videos in a presentable format. 

10. Speech Writer

IPAs understand your intent and craft them into a speech of desirable length. It provides proper guidance to the employees using periodic reviews and even identifies and articulate individual strength for promotions. 
These are some of the ways how IPAs are entering and elevating the workplace by eliminating unnecessary typing and tapping.