Jan 08, 2020

Hi! Where Are You Flying Today?

What do most of us want our travel buddy to do? Let’s take a look

  • Book, cancel, reschedule flight tickets

  • Suggest destinations

  • Send alerts when the flight prices are low

  • Do web check-in

  • Send regular flight updates

  • Help around the airport

  • Upgrade our travel experience

  • Help us travel hassle-free

Basically, what all of us want is a buddy who can help with our travel plans, from start to finish.

At OGenie, we are using deep learning, natural language processing, reading comprehension through data mining and data science to develop one-of-a-kind experiential conversational AI; that is a leap of technology from discovery platforms to transaction making applications.

Genie is here to make you travel stress-free and while doing so if it is even slightly successful in adding value to your life, we would know we are doing a great job. 

And, for Genie to be great at its work it not just finds you flight on voice command but also decides which is the most suitable flight for you on the basis of your past transactions and choices by learning your behaviour and making decisions for you to declutter the chores that come with technology. 

In future, Genie will be helping you transact in every possible travel and lifestyle domain including hotel bookings, cab booking, flight add-ons, events, travel add-ons, table reservations and more; mapping the world on every step of your journey.

Because we truly believe, technology should learn the human way of doing things, not the other way round.