Jan 10, 2020

All You Have To Do Is Talk To Genie

How easy life would be if 28-year-old Mike’s old parents can pay bills online even when Mike is working in another part of the world or 12-year-old Zara could pay her school fees from her dad’s phone all by herself, just by talking to Genie in their native language? 

“Genie, find my electricity bill for this month and pay it.”

“जीनी , इस महीने के लिए मेरा बिजली का बिल ढूंढो और उसका भुगतान करो।”

“Genie, encuentra mi factura de electricidad de este mes y pagala.”

“Génie, trouve ma facture d'électricité pour ce mois et paie-la.”

Imagine how different the world would be if we all are voice-friendly? Isn’t talking the most natural way for us? How powered people would be if they could pay bills, get educated, invest, as a matter of fact, make any transaction just by TALKING to their phones?

Talking to an AI-driven bot, installed on their phone, an app that could listen and talk?

OGenie, a tech pervasive across age and language, across hobbies and lifestyle, across humans and machines, across rural and urban.

In a world that's made radical technological advancement in the last century, everything still remains a task. In fact, manual chores have simply been replaced by tech chores and half our time gets spent swiping, typing, switching between devices, or updating ourselves on how to operate the latest tech. 

More than a product, we are geared towards building an effortless future by changing the way humans interact with technology. 

We have integrated unique and exclusive artificial intelligence tech like deep learning, neural networks, reinforcement comprehension, reading comprehension, sentiment analysis, custom voice integration and superior machine learning algorithm which makes OGenie not just a virtual assistant, but a very intelligent AI-buddy to the ‘Aam Janta’.  From ‘aunt to uncle’, ‘grandfather to grandmother, ‘Mike’s parents to Zara’ everyone could use OGenie as a platform to get all kinds of transactions done by merely talking to it! 

Our conversational AI is being built for just this purpose and will be able to understand the context, intent, individual humour, region-specific phrases and slang to give users a truly effortless, personalized and meaningful experience.

Today through just a simple voice command, Genie can book flights for you, check you in, give timely alerts, eventually it will help you navigate the airport, make hotel bookings, get you cabs to and from the airport, give useful tips, plan activities once you arrive at your destination, learning your preferences in the process to guide you better with every next usage. 

Tomorrow, OGenie will be multilingual AI-being ready to solve problems, make suggestions, do real-time transactions in every possible vertical from applying for government tenders to applying for international visa making it optimally suited to elderly, differently-abled, first-time travellers, children, tech freak millennials, Generation-Z and perhaps everyone else. 

Building technology for billions of people, with vivid diversity and a unique use case for each person, is a challenge we have undertaken. But every start-up is a challenge, the journey is full of bottlenecks, and we refuse to back down.

  • The average person spends 45 minutes searching for a flight. 

  • Average customer care call takes 30 minutes & multiple calls/visits to make simple amends like rescheduling, upgrades etc. 

  • While online check-in takes a few minutes, Airport check-in can take as long as 45 minutes

  • Average wait time for an immediate cab booking is 15 minutes

  • Time-consuming search for reservation, ratings, refunds and cancellations etc, takes 30-minute research and another 15 minutes to confirm. 

  • From finding an event to authentic ticket booking, event guide, cancellations & refunds, could be month-long processes. 

To be able to get various things done on one voice command, we start our journey from booking flights. Why?  Because in a world where everything is a task, escaping shouldn’t have to be. 

Take off with Genie!