Jan 18, 2020

How Do You Describe A Product When It Actually Feels More Like A Person?

An app, that is humane, reachable with something as simple as voice (commands) and super-intelligent; to predict, navigate and in future eliminate all the pain points in the journey- typing, travel, transactions. 

From the inception of the idea of an AI-being, who is readily available to get things done for you without- multiple steps, middlemen, calls, emails, commands- tweaking the entire journey by reducing the clutter to the actual creation of it- all we wanted was to make the dream life of Aladdin for everyone!


Well, didn't he have a Genie and a magic carpet?

He had the freedom to ask the carpet to take him wherever he wished and the Genie to cater to all his whims and fancies! Especially make him travel far and across, all by just talking to them. 

Well, we intend to give you the same freedom, most of it, just more real- in an app with a voice and an intelligent algorithm! 

So with the heart of a child and the brain of the data scientists (pun very much intended)  we dived deep and hustled to build a Genie- a Genie for you and me, a Genie just a call away. 

 We made sure while developing the product, Genie has a piece of each one of us. 


Genie reflects the values of the humans building it. For example- the Genie conversations are tailored to be humble and trace your tone, understand Asian accent better than most of the AIs available in the market. You can find the journey of Genie here.  

Genie is all about conversations. Wait, isn’t it something our generation is terrible at?

And Genie won’t really demand your useless attention! Well, isn't ‘time’ something we all need to save?


The entire world is selling something, even Genie is. 

But while everyone is selling things- products, services, strategies; we want to sell features- experience, convenience, value.

We intend to deliver