Jan 23, 2020

How Our Tech Is Learning Preferences To Map Your End-To-End Journey

Your digital footprints disclose certain preferences and characteristics, such as your choices or things you prefer less. And, this is our key to giving you an extraordinary service.

The idea is that instead of continuously sending or asking for content, we spark conversations to create a conversation thread with you- our customers.

Imagine you are the user here searching for a particular flight- say a domestic flight from Mumbai to Delhi. Here’s how Genie would know you.

User- Genie show me morning flights from Mumbai to Delhi for tomorrow

Genie- Hi, take a look at these flights. By what time you need to be in Delhi?

User- I have a meeting at 11

Genie- I suggest you take Vistara UK 928 that departs from Mumbai at 6:30 and lands at 8:40.

User- Okay book UK 928 for me. Also, show me the return flight for the same day

Genie- How about the AirAsia 9 PM flight that reaches Mumbai at 11.10 PM?

User- Perfect. Book the return journey for me.

Genie- Also, the web check-in window is now open for both the flights. Which seat do you prefer?

User- Window

Genie- Will do the web check-in for both. Will you need a cab to commute to and from the airports?

User- Yes, at all times.

Genie- I can see you have an Uber account. It would take around 25 minutes from you home to the airport, so I’ll book the cab for 5 AM. Also setting the alarm at 4 AM.

User- Make that 4.15 Genie. Also, this is my schedule for every alternate Monday

Genie- Noted. I’ll be there ;)


This conversation would not take more than 5-7 minutes of your time (yes, including the bookings; we know we’re fast ;) but give a lot of insights to Genie about your travel preferences. Let’s see how much Genie knows how you travel-

1.       When travelling for a business meeting you take an early morning flight- preferably to dodge morning traffic in both the cities

2.       The return would be post-dinner flight- so you have ample time to finish off the meeting and explore

3.       You prefer the window seat- no disturbance

4.       Prefer Uber over other cab services- simpler UI

5.       Travel with minimum luggage- web check-in- easy come, easy go

6.       Travel every second week- travel pattern

7.       Genie also know how much time you take to get ready- 45 minutes

A simple conversation and Genie knows you a little more now. So imagine when you fly more with Genie it’ll know you better and eventually it would not be you but Genie who’ll prompt you to confirm the bookings.

This was just an example of how Genie is here to simplify your travel and with it a part of your life. Customizing experience and journey for every single user is what we aim at while solving all travel pain points in the process, and for that, we will be

·         Adding more APIs that cover your preferences

·         Recommend travel 

·         Suggest flights, destinations, hotels

But, it is not as simple as we are showing it to be. Genie’s always-on brain constantly uses new insights to engage you more effectively.

Just to know you a little more- we learn your preferences & eventually be able to predict the behavior, by logically following your choices, observing your choices gives us an identity to the pattern of behavior; hence creating a dataset of similar preferences. We use AI that is critical to generative models, recommender systems that utilize Big Data to suggest based on a variety of parameters including your past purchases, demographic information and search history. For example all Business Man aged 35 or above, prefer least disturbance in flight so usually choose window seat & hate long layovers. Genie has an edge because it learns all through real conversations, one question at a time, making it beyond search and discover platform but also a transaction platform.

Our team is also constantly chasing new innovation in neural networks & deep learning for Genie, to create an extraordinary conversational commerce platform in travel & luxury segment.

So every time you fly, we learn and evolve with you.