Jan 31, 2020

What Is Conversational AI?

“Conversational AI refers to the use of messaging apps, speech-based assistants and chatbots to automate communication and create personalized customer experiences at scale.” 

A version of Artificial Intelligence, it reduces the gap between humans and machines, allowing people to communicate with applications, websites and devices in the most natural way through language- voice, text, touch or gesture input. 

When the communication with machines is done beyond simple commands (artificial intelligence) and more in a cooperative manner (augmented intelligence), it is Conversational AI and the overall idea behind using it at OGenie is to augment human capabilities in Genie, your virtual travel assistant for it to offer intelligent proactive conversations to personalize your journey as our user.

Ask any traveller today what they want from a travel assistant and they will say

-Better engagement- Intelligent conversations

-Knowing their preference- Enhanced experience

-Personalised journey- Human touch

And, the one way we realized to engage the travellers according to their travel preference by offering them the best experience was through the adoption of Conversational AI; as human as possible, yet with minimal human dependency.

OGenie- A New Dawn Of Intelligent Travelling 

As a traveller throws queries at Genie, it’s conversational AI helps Genie to engage and respond to the traveller with personalized interactions in real-time- it is learning you better as well as improving with every transaction. 

The main purpose of using conversational AI is to help Genie to create rapid and helpful interactions, hence easing the pain points in flying- flight delay status; where can I find my luggage; when is the right time to book a flight; can my flight ticket be cancelled and more such information. Genie can solve all your flight booking queries within seconds making it a go-to place for all answers concerning your flight. No customer care or internet surfing, Genie will do it for you at the beck and call of your voice.

Businesses across are using Conversational AI to automate customer-facing touchpoints– on social media platforms, on their website, their app or even on voice assistants. But at OGenie we are using conversational AI to reduce the gap in the travel industry where people are too busy to answer each and every query for passengers. Our intelligent AI algorithm skims the details, simplifies them and serves only what is required to offer- a more straightforward and direct pipeline for travellers to 

  • Address concerns- travel pain points

  • Sort problems out- simplify travel

  • Reach goals- effortless flight booking, cancellation and rescheduling, receive intelligence as well as early flight alerts

Now that you know why we are doing what we are doing, you should also know how we are doing it.

We are using a combination of approaches necessary for Genie to converse like a human.

I The Voicebot in Conversational AI- Genie

Genie is here to make you travel effortlessly and to make it possible we are leveraging technologies from machine learning and new age deep learning to customise each travel for every user, an exclusive experience curated to offer an effortless flying experience for users, be it booking flights or luggage information; every information just a voice command away. 

a) Handle conversations through pre-built flows- We are using Natural Language Processing to process the incoming user query and Information Extraction to understand the intents of the user.

b) Cater to queries which Genie is not trained on- A generative and neural conversation model is followed if Genie does not understand a particular part of the user query. Genie asks the user to either repeat or share a variation of their query.

c) Small Talk module to handle random open-ended queries- Genie picks up the context of the conversation and based on the extracted keywords generates an appropriate response while redirecting the user to the tasks it can perform.

 II The Humans in Conversational AI- Our Team

Voice bots are here for good- talking comes naturally to us, but bots can only function well if we train them well. And, at OGenie we have a specialized team of AI trainers who train Genie continuously with new terms and conversations to improve its vocabulary, understanding of accents and the intent of users.

Their roles can be broken down as:

a) Genie Builders: They’re responsible for the way Genie responds end-to-end i.e. developing the character, tone, content and responses of Genie.

b) Genie AI Trainers: They teach Genie how to respond to different user queries. They do this by continuously feeding data, monitoring user queries, labelling data and feeding new data into the data set for Genie to learn and respond well.

c) Genie Quality Analysts: They are responsible for reviewing Genie from a qualitative perspective. It is by understanding user requirements they forward the feedback to the product team for them to enhance the experience making Genie flawless at every step. 

III The Platform in Conversational AI- OGenie

OGenie started in 2019 as an all-in-one Travel Assistant App. Users can simply come in and talk to the app to book a domestic or international flight ticket, cancel their flight booking or reschedule their bookings- all within minutes. A solution to travel pain points with an idea to give users an experience of convenience over voice is what prompted us to develop OGenie- a conversational AI platform to help you travel effortlessly.

Genie is all set to make you fly. All you need to do is tell it when and where.