Mar 06, 2020

Dhara Sharma- She weaves magic with her thoughts and words

She is really tiny, But her thoughts are as fierce as lightning. 

You wouldn't guess if you looked at her delicate frame that she could do bone-breaking yoga, 

Or talk her way out of any situation, 

Because words she believes can do almost everything.

The one with all the right words, you’ll see Dhara quietly sitting in her corner with her greens scribbling something and then suddenly you’ll see her get into action mode sharing her ideas and thoughts with her team. The social media Genieus, she knows how to make Genie go viral. 

A certified Yoga trainer, Dhara motivates people to choose a fit and better life for themselves. She’s also changing the lives of hundreds of young girls and boys and with them their entire families and generations to come through her NGO Mrityunjal that spreads awareness about the necessity of conserving water. 

A poetess, a doctorate in the making, Dhara is just like her name- flowing. She would slowly grow on you. 

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