Mar 06, 2020

Pallavi Kukreja Jaisinghani- She doesn’t hold back; playful, melodramatic, bold

A creative soul & ambitious writer.

She is so much more than her life!

Meet her and you would know, life is always sunshine and darkness still has the moon to lit it! 

Pallavi is the one who gives Genie its voice! The writer behind OGenie conversations. 

You wouldn’t be able to guess how hard she has worked, or how experienced she is, because she is really pretty and can be a brand ambassador of Santoor soaps… 

God knows she doesn't look like a mother of a teenager daughter of 17! 

Words make her happy and she never stops trying, and that spirit is infectious!

That is how we see Pallavi, always warm, positive and super professional. 

She makes everyone smile with her words, give Genie a distinct voice and fill the organisation with her resilient spirit. 

Find her at