Apr 29, 2020

And, Suddenly Everything Is Happening Virtually

Remote working is nothing new, but all of a sudden every employee from every organization today is working from home, that’s definitely a first. And, this trend is here to stay, for good. Everything is more transparent & out there.

And, since we are always a step ahead (we’re into AI, so yeah that’s in our Genie-tics :D ) we thought why should the interns miss out on their opportunity. 

An Innovative Internship Experience!

Time and space are no longer barriers, this we all learnt the hard way thanks to coronavirus that instantly overnight boosted the work from home trend. And, since we are not missing out on our work, we thought why should the interns miss out on their opportunity.

Mind you, this is no ordinary internship; each mentor has taken pains to create a rundown, a proper outline of what, how and when. The interns too are excited and extremely happy as they are among the selected handful who are actually getting a chance to gain experience in a virtual setting during such a crazy time. 

And as we all know, happy workers are hard workers!

OGenie Virtual Internship Program

The Internship Program is designed considering the lockdown to help the Generation Z connect, learn and gain practical insights into the crazy work we do at OGenie and use this one-up opportunity to further build their career skills and experience.

In this twelve-week internship program, we intend to provide our 10 young marketing interns sourced from pan-India a full-stack training combined with one-on-one coaching to help them develop important skills in a global context while also fostering an understanding of virtual work trends. As tomorrow’s employees, they need to be adept at both ways of working- in-office & remote.

Here’s a sneak peek into the Internship Program

What Do We Have To Say To Our New Joiners?

Welcome aboard! Do what you can to make sure the experience lives up to your expectations, and while you do that, don’t forget to have FUN!