May 01, 2020

How We Created Our Version Of Muskurayega India To Inspire Our Remote Team?

The lockdown has been on since more than a month now and nobody’s sure how long will it continue. It’s obvious that sometimes the morale goes down, the motivation levels start dipping and then driving fun within a remote workforce becomes another challenge, but not for our Genieuses.

Well, we’ve been busy- with both, work & play.

So let’s see what we’ve been doing besides working on making Genie bigger & better.

-Yoga Sessions- Check

It’s not only for Genie that we call our employees Genieuses- everyone has talents beyond their working skills and one such powerhouse is our in-house Yoga mentor, Dhara,  who took it upon herself to keep the team morale boosted from the very first day with her online Yoga sessions. 

-Online Tambola- Check

The first group activity we came together for was online tambola and mind you it was a much-needed break. Fun, laughter & ‘yes’ calls plus an extra round sponsored by the winner, Say hello to Mrs Tina Jaisingh Jain.

-Zoom Birthday Calls - Check

Birthdays are big at OGenie, all come together to celebrate, share their feelings with some leg-pulling of course so how could we not come together, especially, when the birthday was of one of our founders and a respected & loved leader Vivek.

We all made this quarantine birthday high on fun & emotions.

-Brand Hunt- Check

Another fun session where we were given clues of a brand & we had to find it & post a selfie with it on the group. Whoever shared the most selfies won. Everyone was running around their house, finding things, posting pics & having lots of fun in between, (this game stimulated both, mind & body- physical activity for body & mental exercise for the mind to process brand lines & find it- smart people carry out smart activities, just bragging ;)

-Guess Who- Check

This was a part of the birthday activity where all Genieuses wrote a note for Vivek & he had to guess the name. Well, we’d say he passed with flying colours as he does know his team members inside out.

-Muskurayega India- This one is the latest to join the list as it is to show our support to our people, to you, to the entire country that to fight this war we don’t need to come together, we need to stay home & stay safe. You wouldn’t believe we actually created a proper doc & spreadsheet for it ;) (we’re big on documentation you see)  For our मुसकुरायेगा India Genie video, we assigned each of our team members certain screen seconds defining a dress code, timing to shoot, background & then shared it with them. After that, we all got on a Zoom call to iterate.

थोड़ी सी मेहनत और result, simply amazing!

जो साथ दे सारा India तो मुसकुरायेगा India

Audio CreditsSinger - Vishal Mishra
Music - Vishal Mishra
Lyrics - Kaushal Kishore
Guitar & Bass - Vishal Mishra
Produced & Arranged by Vishal Mishra
Mix & Mastered by Shadab Rayeen @ New Edge
Assisted by Abhishek Sortey , Dhananjay Azad
Music Assistants - Shubham Srivastava , Kumar Gaurav Singh

P.S. For the curious ones- here’s who’s who!