May 26, 2020

Why Does Your Organisation Needs To Implement A Modern Corporate Travel Solution?

The corporate sector is a busy world with not an extra minute to waste. People are always on the go and business travel for them is a regular thing. 

Starting with the do-it-yourself approach, corporate travel is shifting towards corporate travel management for all those business travellers and companies who neither have the time nor the patience for planning these frequent business trips. In other words, the shift to convenience is leaving behind the former approach to meet the need for evolving and changing corporate travel with the fast-paced world.

Modern Business Traveller Face Multiple Issues

Organisations have been, since long, facing the problem of arranging business travel for their employees. All the hassles involved even in one small business trip is time-consuming. Majority of corporate travellers find themselves putting in a lot of time and energy while planning and booking their travel. They generally have two options for booking:

  • Self- book their trip

  • Let someone plan their travel (travel management companies)

Both of these options have their own downside. On one hand, the former makes them spend hours and hours searching for flights and hotels while navigating through multiple sites to compare deals and prices. While on the other hand, the latter is not only expensive but also time-consuming for those who require a lot of changes in their booking for every trip. It also gives very little control over personal preference like seat choice etc.

The average frequent business traveller spends 108 hours a year on admin work related to corporate travel — i.e. researching, booking, adjusting, cancelling and expensing travel. (PhocusWire)

Other than this, travel issues like incomplete information, delayed responses, lagging understanding etc. give a major headache to all those corporate travellers who don’t have that much free time on their hands to go through this process.

The Bottom Line

There is no denying that travel is an important part of business success, but it is clearly a painful and time-consuming one. Travellers hate the hours they spend booking, changing, and expensing corporate travel — regardless of whether they’re booking for themselves or having an external travel agent book on their behalf. While corporate travellers may have been okay with this situation a decade ago, they’re no longer so patient. Today’s frequent business travellers are looking for an easier, more streamlined way to manage their travel for work.

Modern Travel Solution To This Problem

Modern problems require modern solutions. Genie ELITE, the corporate branch of OGenie is designed to offer effortless travel management. 

33% of consumers say they've used a virtual travel assistant to help organise and plan their next trip (Condorferries)

With the right blend of AI and HI, Genie ELITE provides corporate travel solutions to these modern corporate travel problems. Over a few voice commands, Genie offers a plethora of facilities to make travel hassle-free. Starting with a completely effortless booking process, Genie ELITE provides premium travelling experience with features like:

  • Expense Management: Now, who is not fed up of keeping a record of all travel expenses and then forwarding it to get reimbursement? Well, Genie can do it for you. It keeps a note of all your expenses for you which you can review any time you wish to! You can even ask Genie to share them with you.

  • Travel History: A buddy who remembers all your travel journeys! You do not need to go over your previous journeys. Just command and you can view all your travel itineraries at one glance.

  • Customized Reports: Genie offers a web view to generate reports, manage your expenses and track your travel history with it.

  • Travel Requirements: Travel insurance? Check. Hotel? Check. Cabs? Check. Online Visa? Check. Say what you want and Genie will do it for you. Genie takes care of all your travel requirements at one go!

Therefore, as with most things, corporate travel management needs to evolve - especially for bookings, expense tracking, reporting and saving your precious time. With these corporate features, Genie makes business travel simpler and effortless.