Jun 02, 2020

Corporate Travel 3.0-The New-Age Of Corporate Travelling

For a very long time now if you had to travel there were majorly two ways to make suitable arrangements.

1.DIY Approach

The most preferred by individual travellers or small groups of friends or family was the traditional do-it-yourself approach due to its wallet-friendly nature and a variety of preferences when it came to accommodations.

2.Travel Management

For corporate travel, however, there has been designated corporate travel management which is generally low on planning and looking into options due to its fast-paced work trips.

Corporate travel comes with a set of its own limitations such as airline tie-ups or hotel preferences, budget constraints, a list of expenses sanctioned as valid of reimbursement. Innovation and advancements made in technological fields not only had a disruptive effect on how your business functions, but also how as a corporate you travel.

Why the change?

Moving from Corporate travel 1.0 to 2.0, there was a series of technological upgrades and automation, but it still required a tedious chain of communication. Travel 3.0 eliminates this chain and gives the power to the traveller itself. This helps in a more personalized experience even on a monotonous corporate trip.

It’s not the same:

Corporate travel 3.0 is more about being in control of your own travel, where employees have access to the decisions made for their own itinerary. If all the stakeholders at every step of the way, including airlines, airports, hotels, food vendors, etc worked on to personalize a little for their customer, the experience would change drastically.


  • All of us want to have a seamless and effortless experience when dealing with any task, and the current technology enables us to achieve that by offering cohesive digital platforms.
  • Data is the key factor for providing your customers or employees with a personalized offering or service, and collecting user data you can understand travel behaviors and tweaks in your T&E policies.  
  • Technology does not show any bias and provides its advantages to upper management, middle or lower management, HR, sales team etc alike. 

2. Help yourself

  • The upper management has always relied upon secretaries or designated departments to make their travel arrangements which are now changing
  • All your employees can now make travel plans, details, changes and any other relevant information at their own fingertip and in some cases voice command (Chatbots are being widely adopted).

3. Smart Age 

  • Using innovative techs like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, we can create a pleasant user experience for all corporate travellers.
  • Understanding personal requirements, automating budget clearance and predictive insights are just a few things AI can help with.
  • The tech has holistic applications, even if you are a budding startup or established business giant, all can benefit from the convenience.

A call for Bleisure:

It could be safely said that the main need of the hour is to provide the travelling managers with a holistic, seamless and effortless travel management system so they can deal with the dynamic nature of the environment on their own.

An overview of the expense and budget along with useful analysis, companies should promote Bleisure travel facilitating their employees to personalise their travel.