Jun 03, 2020

Travel Management - Need of the hour!

We have heard about management in every sphere but travel? Why do we even need to manage our trips? Aren’t they supposed to be spontaneous and adventurous? We don’t generally think about managing our trips. But it is an essential part of travel. Booking through travel agents have become a thing of the past. When was the last time we took the help of any travel advisor while planning our trip? We have become capable of planning and managing our trips so much that we have forgotten what the value of proper travel management is.

But being in the field of travel, we tell you, Travel management is important and essential. Don’t think so? We’ll tell you why.


Don’t we all need somebody during times of emergency? Well, it’s not that there always will be an emergency when you travel but why take a chance? There may come a situation that may be out of your hand. If you have someone who could take care of your needs during emergency situations, won’t that be the best?  


Just think about having an expert who is more familiar with planning and managing the trips than you are! Someone who has expertise in the field of travel and can give you more insights and provide you with options that are the right fit according to your preferences and budget. Now, isn’t that better?

Effortless flying

Getting your trip managed also includes hassle-free flying. Right from booking and cancellation to re-booking and rescheduling, getting all of these things done may seem easier but actually takes a lot of time. Having someone to do it for you will not only save your time but also your money as you may get those offers through them that you may have otherwise missed.


Proper travel management may also let you get more than expected. Special discounts, offers, deals, add-ons - and many more! Getting such benefits becomes a regular this way! These benefits are very industry-specific though. Like for air travel, the Genie ELITE membership offers users access to exclusive benefits such as unlimited free rescheduling and discounted cancellations. Other benefits include automated web check-in, preferred seat selection and more. Now, these are only some of the perks of using travel management services but just imagine the number of times you might have missed the opportunity of getting such benefits.


Plan a better trip, with Genie!

We understand that you can very well take care of your travel needs on your own and plan good trips but having your travel managed can make your trips even better since you get to access certain benefits that you may not be able to find on your own. Also, better networks mean better knowledge. Planning together with us will not only save your time but also your efforts and money. Especially during the current times full of uncertainty and risk, it is necessary to know the most trusted and safest way of travel. You can enjoy your trip to the fullest without having to worry about any other thing!