Jun 11, 2020

How Voice Tech Will Change The Way We Work?

“Hey Genie, please email Ridhi from sales to arrange a meeting to discuss the new product”

“Genie make a spreadsheet to work out the most common customer grievances we have received since last month”

If you’re perplexed, don't be, this could be a common sight in many offices very soon. People could soon have their AI-enabled voice assistants working alongside them in offices. While earlier only the top managers of big corporates had their personal assistants, advancements in machine learning, natural language processing, etc. could mean that now workers can have their very own digital Janet à la The Good Place.

While the idea of working alongside a voice-enabled chatbot may seem foreign to many, a research by Gartner reveals that 

  • By 2021, 25% of all those employed in digital space will be using voice assistants 

  • By 2023, approximately a quarter of all software interactions in the workplace would be via digital conversational agents. 

So how exactly will the integration of AI voicebots impact the way we work? 

If you are a marketer, CRM systems are likely a huge part of your work life, and you either hate it or love it with a passion. A voice-enabled CRM/ chatbot is much easier to interact with and use than a  traditional one and can ease the burden of the employees by taking on redundant or “boring” tasks that they struggle with. 

Are you a B2B player? Then taking and giving out bulk orders must be a routine task in your organisation. Instead of engaging valuable work hours into this task let your voice assistant handle it! Worried about whether the order meets your requirements? Your AI assistant can be trained to understand your needs. 

Voice chatbots can also help ease many of the HR tasks. Dreading preparing the quarterly feedback report for all the employees? Your AI-powered voice assistant can set targets and track the work done by the employees. And when the time comes, it can send personalised feedback to them. HR can instead focus on higher-level strategy tasks such as planning and implementing cultural change, implementing reward systems and so forth. 

Has it ever happened that you have felt lost during a meeting or the presenter did not elaborate on a topic? A voice assistant can pick up on all of these verbal cues and clarify any of the doubts that might arise. The same assistant can take notes of the meeting, no missing out on important stuff anymore! 

A very important role that these smart voicebots will play is that of levelling the field for all the workers. With the rapid advancements in technology and new software coming up every day it is difficult for many employees, especially the older generation, to learn these at the pace required. 

Nadija Yousif in her TED talk had mentioned that employees are apprehensive about using new technology because they fail to see the technology as their co-worker and instead see it as a replacement. Voicebots, with their artificial intelligence neural networks, human-like interactive voice response and superior cognitive abilities ensure that these wrinkles are ironed out. If you can talk, you can use voice assistants! 

Voice assistants are going to be a part of our workspaces eventually and embracing them openly will make the transition easy. It is important to remember that this technology can benefit both employees and the organisation. And when voicebots take-up these roles, it frees the path for employees to take on other activities such as- creative thinking, strategy making, ideation, network building- activities which are uniquely human in nature!