Jun 13, 2020

Why AI Will Be A Must In The Post-COVID World

Amidst the lockdown, we are mostly surrounded by gadgets

We, humans, are more empowered than machines but instead of supervising them, we are confused and struggling to get back the control and this is specifically known as “automation surprise.” 

Post-COVID the applications of AI will become a must in many aspects of our life. In this teenier, we will evolve from a hybrid of physical and digital users to businesses driven by AI. The mavericks who will accept this disruptive change would survive this down-turn.

In the fight against COVID, technology has contributed to almost all the areas

AI can't forestall the beginning of the pandemics; nonetheless, it can help forestall the spread, educate, caution, and enable those on the ground to know about the circumstance, and observably reduce the effect.

  • AI has helped in assessing risk and determining forecasts through computerized reasoning. 

  • AI-based information investigation and prescient displaying are empowering clinical experts to see progressively about a ton of infections. 

  • With the utilization of AI, increasingly exact estimating about illness spread, drug, treatment, and so forth should be possible. 

  • Utilizing AI stages, it has gotten simpler for analysts to rapidly discover important investigations that can conceivably prompt new bits of knowledge or ways to deal with the COVID-19 episode. 

Let’s envision the post-pandemic world together and figure out a common chord across industries

Technology– Employees will be discovering human-level artificial intelligence which could perform sentiment analysis that can outperform human capacity.

Finance - Use of image recognition software to analyze legal documents and extract important data points and clauses in seconds, compared to the 360,000 hours it takes to manually review 12,000 annual commercial credit agreements and also the application of technology in filtering key information from a wide variety of sources. {Source: JP Morgan}

Marketing - Automated content curation, analytical solutions, personalised marketing and development of software used in understanding customer behaviour and machines will be sensitized to understand human sentiments. Algorithms will understand patterns of demand for any products across time, geographic markets, and socioeconomic segments while accounting for macroeconomic cycles, political developments, and even weather patterns.

Human Resource - Involvement of robots in the workforce, maintaining low-touch working in the organization, analyzing data on individual contribution, and on these lines making appraisals.

Production - Machines would lead the work and would predict the upcoming obstructions well in advance. A great part of the information will originate from sensors implanted in the handling gear at the industrial facility, following parts inventories and other front-end sources of info and observing item quality issues at wholesaler areas or retail outlets and avoiding human contact as much as possible.

Why AI is not fully utilized at present?

To accomplish its maximum capacity, AI should be trusted – we have to comprehend what it is doing with our information, why, and how it settles on its choices with regards to issues that influence our lives. What makes AI especially valuable is its capacity to draw associations and make derivations which may not be clear or may even appear to be strange to us.

Were you able to find the connection? 

If you are still reading this article then you belong to either of the two categories

  1. You are already working on AI 

  2. You are interested to know how you can implement AI in your business

Let us know how we can work together to push towards an AI-driven economic world.