Jun 13, 2020

Corporate Travel Post COVID-19

Travelling has always been an important part of corporate life. But amid the chaos created by this pandemic, there has been a lot of fear in the name of travel. The recent news about getting corona positive patients among the fliers has created an additional tension among the minds of all those who had their next trips already planned.  

Therefore, in this time of worry and confusion, it is necessary that we address this fear and help the travellers in overcoming it. The best way we can do so is re-educating the travellers and making travelling seem less scary to them. Psychological factors play a very important role in this. This fear is needed to be taken care of by making travellers look beyond the pandemic and towards the future.

Low touch – the future of travel Since we can’t predict what the future holds for all of us as of now, we can at least speculate and prepare ourselves for what is bound to come. With the resumption in domestic flight services, the travel is expected to become more purpose-based. Mainly the corporate travellers are expected to resume their travel for work purposes. So how do we make our future travel safer?

Government has certainly issued safety protocols that are to be followed. But along with following that, we also need to put an effort from our own end as to how to ensure maximum safety. What we can do for this, for now, is adapting to the new way of travel – contactless. Since this pandemic has made us devoid of any human contact, the path of AI is the one we are heading towards. The services are expected to become automated so as to reduce human contact as much as possible. Things which need human interaction are being taken over by AI devices.

Also, how many times have we not ignored the small option of getting insurance while booking a flight? Now is the time to pay attention to it as the need for safer travel includes the need to buy travel insurance. Since the risks involved while travelling has become unpredictable for the future, carrying travel insurance has to become an essential of travelling now. This would not only cover emergency medical services but also give financial protection along with help in other travel-related needs. How can we as an organisation help? We at OGenie brainstormed about how we could contribute in enabling our fellow travellers’ practice low-touch travel and have come up with our Genie ELITE membership which offers premium services like:

  • Unlimited free flight rescheduling

  • Discounted cancellations

  • Automated web-check in

  • Preferred seat selection

  • Other travel solutions like keeping a record of expenses, travel history, generating customized reports etc.

Even you as an organisation can do your own bit by helping your employees travel safely. Ensuring the safety of the employees who travel for us should be our priority. You can do so in some simple ways like:

  1. Having a good travel system and policy

  2. Doing a proper travel risk assessment

  3. Helping with the safety guidelines and giving travel safety training

  4. Making them understand the value of low-touch travel

It is necessary that we all join our hands in fighting this pandemic and bring back the colours in our life. We need to get rid of all our fears and “normalize” our way of living once again.