Jun 19, 2020


If you win an award, who would you thank in your acceptance speech?

Your parents? Your partner? Your pet dog?  X and Y?

You’re on the right track, all of them are deserving to be on your list, but when you are racing against the clock to wrap up your speech, it always makes people happy to hear their name being called out, especially when they are a part of your team working with you on the front line or managing things behind the scenes.

Every organisation is only as good as individuals behind it, which is why the team is EVERYTHING, a sole driving wheel of any business. It is through a team that customers get a peek behind the curtain; to see who is making the magic happen, what makes them adept for it, and most importantly, what makes them different.

Not all positions in an organisation come with fame but that doesn’t mean they do not deserve the attention, all the more, these are often the ones that make the whole operation possible.  Every story is different, everyone’s process is different, they work so you get to enjoy the output. 

And this is our initiative to throw the spotlight on our Genieuses one Friday at a time with OGenie Feature Friday. Let’s hear it for unsung heroes in the team, that make everything that goes around OGenie possible.