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Let’s get to know Abhishekk, a little bit better!

Aug 14 • 3 min read

Let’s get to know Abhishekk, a little bit better!


Name: Abhishekk Shrivastava

Title: Partnership & Alliances Manager


Open to conversations, learning, sharing, for Abhishek building relationships come naturally. Versatile in his work and style, you can find Abhishek handling it all- partnerships, sales, support. His bright smile and never say no attitude add value to the way he works.


Let’s talk Work

Describe a typical day for you do at OGenie.


I work closely with the business team- sales, support, alliances, so a typical day starts with a team scrum, checking on the leads, connecting with alliances, taking things forward, helping the team do so- sales calls, partnership calls, finding new assets. 

How challenging is it to find alliances and maintaining partnerships? 

It is challenging! In many ways, what I do is all-round business management- financials, business, development, and sales to orchestrate the alliance. At the same time, identifying new opportunities in the partnership in order to continuously develop, fine-tune, and evolve the alliance. 

Sometimes we crack a partnership within weeks and some take months at end. Pursuing an alliance is a challenge in itself, but the bigger challenge starts when the deal is about to be closed and then some glitches pop up. The wait is disturbing.

What do you enjoy the most about working for OGenie? 

The involvement of each one of us. OGenie is a team where everyone has a say. And, failure here means learning.

Let’s talk Support

Has it ever happened, that you assisted a customer who’d worked with multiple agents earlier and didn’t get the help they needed?


It did happen once, but not with a customer but one of our founders. I had recently joined OGenie and the international tickets booked needed to be rescheduled. It was a long process and the executive working on it tried his best but couldn’t work it out. It took an entire day of calling & messaging but luckily for me, I cracked it :P

It was long before Genie could do it. But now if such a situation ever arises, Genie would do it instantly. 

To come to think of it, I feel so proud working with such high level of artificial intelligence bot that solves customer issues without the help of human support. It is an achievement in itself.

How do you utilize customer’s feedback to ensure business excellence?

Feedback is important for growth and when working in a B2C environment, it becomes all the more important. We encourage feedback for training Genie and the support agents, process improvements, helping the tech team to better the app.

What qualities do you think a person needs to possess to hold alliances or customers?

Be it relationships with the partner organization, customer or the relationships within the organization, one must know how to build relationships and how to maintain them. Disciplined in working with people as well as be culturally sensitive in dealing with them. Also, one has to be tough-skinned and not take things personally.

Everyone involved in the partnership has a part to play in making this happen, but as an alliance manager, you have to lead these efforts.

Let’s get Personal

How do your friends describe you as a person?


A people’s person, I hope :P 

Other than that, an energetic, workaholic, passionate person. Also, non-judgemental. 


What drives you?

I get inspired by real success stories- world leaders from different fields, be it politics, sports, business- get to learn a lot from them, the way they live, conduct and give. I personally call them the successpreneurs.

Also, cricket. I’m truly passionate about the sport, it is my high!


An experience you’d like to share that helped you evolve?

This one’s associated with work :P 

So I pitched in an open-house event at 91springboard and it was a boost to my confidence. It was a kind of opportunity that every employee awaits, to represent his/her company to the world.

It helped me find a new self that sees a world with a different perspective and opportunity in every aspect. It helped me grow, learn and develop.


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