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Let’s get to know Aakriti Jain, a little bit better!

Dec 04 • 2 min read

Let’s get to know Aakriti Jain, a little bit better!

Name: Aakriti Jain

Title: Brand Communication Associate

An executioner, give Aakriti any task and she scales it to its optimum. Diligent, she is a quick learner and a fast worker. Besides work, you can also depend on Aakriti for planning office events and activities.

Let’s talk Work

What does your typical day look like at OGenie?

I’m into managing communication, so I’d say for that I need to keep communicating with a lot of my team members to prepare docs, presentations, PRs. I explore a lot, do a lot of research, try to find out ways to keep it simple and hitting.

Have you ever had to cope with something that you feel is not good for the profile but you had to go ahead with it.

I’m a vocal person, and my teammates and management know that if I choose to say something it would be for the betterment of the product. And, I tend to become stubborn about it. 

But yes, sometimes I look at the picture infront and not the larger picture and a little discussion adds to the betterment.

What do you enjoy the most about working for OGenie? 

The different kinds of responsibilities we are given help us grow as a professional and a person. It gives a different kind of view and makes us understand the importance of each work and become a team player.

Let’s talk Communication

What according to you in simple words, is brand communication about?

It’s a beautiful mix of psychology, empathy, brand culture, what the brand represents, how does it see it’s customers, what it wants to give to its customers.

How effective you would say are your brand messages?
I’d say quite successful, as we have thousands of app downloads :p Not only in the domestic market but also in the global market our brand communication is effective as we have time and again been selected to talk about our product.

RISE we did a startup pitch
This upcoming Web Summit, we will be representing our product in the 40-word speech.
Some advice to communicators - Understand your audience. 

Let’s get Personal

How do your friends describe you as a person?

A friend in need.

I’m lucky to have a set of friends I can call family and they are lucky to have me ;)

You are always smiling, what drives you?

I’m an emotional person. If I’m happy it is on my face, if I’m not it too comes on my face. I’m learning to be not that transparent. 

What drives me is my support system- my family, friends, colleagues, life in general. I love to live it well :)

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