Why is ‘travelling’ everything post Pandemic?

How can Traveling solve major world problems in future?

Jun 16 • 4 min read


Rise in Depression & Suicides

Information Overload

Increase in number of Hikikomori 




Loneliness epidemic 

And Unhappiness


Don't get us wrong but these problems predate the pandemic, but are unnoticed & unworthy of discussions. With the world playing lockdown & unlock like hide n seek due to COVID these problems are now more pervasive, visible & demanding; and we shouldn't forget, it is still in its first wave.


The news is depressing everywhere, not only are burnouts & work from home is stressing  people out, depression & suicide rates are on exponential rise; in US alone federal emergency hotline for people in emotional distress registered a more than 1,000 percent increase in April compared with the same time last year

Not just that embracing the new normal is quite a challenge in itself, becoming germophobic, wearing masks, avoiding the most human way of communicating - touch; it could be a lot to absorb & take for many of us. The list can go on & on, and the pessimist in you can take over! 

But we are not here to count the odds. We are here to tell you how the world & you will heal?


The answer is TRAVEL!


Breathing that fresh air, the waves touch your toes & those treks to the mountains, will help you fight that gloom. (For now, just dreaming about it is also ok, did you know that meditation or imagining things have the same effect on the brain & same happy hormones flush in when you dive deep into vivid imaginations like playing music, dancing & even travelling. This practice in psychology is called Visualisation)


We know it sounds outrageous at the moment. Because the world thinks it's not time yet & it's not, until we cure the pandemic. But we have a lot of hope & if essential precautions to fight this virus (read here about why flying is extremely safe). 



Travelling could be the medicine the world needs, a literal change of air & hope. And since now travelling is backed with advanced technology, it has become even more fun & effortless. Since you don't have to worry or stress over the details & planning. We need these positive tech changes to help the world travel more & discover much needed happiness. OGenie is not just a product for us, we actually envisioned a tech, that could make travel effortless, smooth & fun, so at least it doesn't feel like chores, chaos or another task.


Here are a few of the most glorious travel industry techs to watch for now. 



Range of WiFi Spreads. ...



While WiFi in hotels turned into a fundamental, abundant web availability on flights slacked. Presently that in-flight WiFi has made up for lost time, the scope keeps on growing to address travellers' issues — crossing huge areas of open air zones.


Shift to Voice Searches. ...


Verbal searches are rising with the capabilities of smart devices, and by 2020, half of all internet searches will be voiced. Voice assistant helps spares travellers from typing search queries into their mobile devices. And just the ease of performing makes planning & decision easier, like with OGenie you are just one command away from booking your next flight & with Genie ELITE membership you can reschedule flights for free unlimited times. 


Enhanced Customer Service Through AI. ...


Using artificial intelligence, customer service is no longer restricted to human interactions in travel. Presently, chatbots are accessible to manage basic inquiries and direct visitors to solutions. AI can keep guests happy and informed, leading to a stronger reputation for your establishment.


Ease of Planning on Apps. ...


Improved features on smartphone apps have made them more attractive for planning and booking this year. For the first time, the amount of mobile transactions is about to surpass desktop ones, and therefore the number of travelers booking via mobile apps continues to soar.


Wearable Devices for Convenience. ...


Wearable technology extends the ways tourists can get to know unfamiliar areas and maintain security. Keyless entry on smartphones is applicable to wearable devices, too, perhaps with further convenience.


Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing. ...


Augmented and virtual reality uniquely reaches potential travelers. Sampling different room and activity options through these digital surroundings spurs on decision making before arrival.


Internet of Things (IoT) Personalization. ...


One of the foremost exciting emerging travel technology trends is the Internet of Things (IoT), which involves internet-based inter-connectivity between everyday devices, allowing them to both send and receive data. Linking appliances in hotel rooms through the Internet of Things adds a rare level of customization for guests. From lost luggage to managing the thermostat, IoT meets the specific desires of visitors.


So what's your favorite travel tech of the decoded, for us, it's sure the deadly mix of voice & AI. 


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