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Jun 22 • 2 min read

It is said that once you taste blood, you’re hooked and that is what has happened to us. First, we pitched OGenie at the largest tech conference in Asia, RISE Hong Kong, then launched OGenie at the world’s largest tech event, Web Summit Lisbon and now we are all geared up to showcase GenieTalk at the Olympics of tech, Collision From Home.


We are on a mission to create EFFORTLESS, to simplify everyday task with top technologies- AI, VOICE, NLP/NER and our first step in this direction is our very own virtual travel buddy OGenie that is making flight booking effortless over simple voice commands.



“User: Hey Genie, book me on the first flight to Delhi 


Genie: There’s a 6 AM flight, I’m booking a ticket on it and initiating web check-in as well for the window seat 

User: Perfect”


There’s a reason we wish to create EFFORTLESS? 


Everything today is a task. Technology is cold, mechanical, involves many steps- all of which lack a human touch, the human way of understanding and communicating that comes so naturally, effortlessly to us. And that’s why everything seems like a task.

With GenieTalk we’ve always tried to go beyond– beyond what people think; beyond reality to revolutionize experience with conversational AI, at a time when probably no one thought about it.

We are doing something that everybody wants to do but not many are able to achieve– offering an effortless experience- using conversational AI as SaaS chatbot/ voicebot and NLP/NER as SaaS. Our advanced algorithm makes every tech we build highly smart and empathetic, so you feel you aren’t talking to a bot but a buddy and the virtual travel buddy OGenie is the perfect example of this.


We will be meeting up with the emerging tech innovators, experts, and thought leaders to discuss where technology is headed, and we plan to use the ideas and expand our vision to offer EFFORTLESS, in every sector across every possible industry.



Curious to know how we’re doing it? 


Let’s connect at Collision


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