How To Book A Flight With Genie?

Talk to Genie to book your next flight ticket

Jan 31 • 6 min read

Did you ever think it was possible to book a flight ticket simply by talking to an app? 

Well, we made it possible. 


It’s always been like this with Genie- your wish is its command (be it Aladdin’s Genie or OGenie)! 

But Aladdin’s Genie could fulfil only three wishes and OGenie? Lets’ see- Search, Book, Board, Arrive- that can be further classified into many more.

  1. Search flights for you

  2. Book flights for you

  3. Cancel your existing booking

  4. Reschedule your flight booking

  5. Automated Web check in

  6. Send flight alerts

  7. Share flight status

  8. Share boarding and arrival alerts

Did you know the average human attention span is 8 seconds, 1 second shorter than that of a goldfish? And, conversations are still the #1 asset for engaging with any audience.

 OGenie understands today’s travellers- their short attention spans; their need of convenience; their need to be understood when they talk; their panic when their bookings go haywire; their excitement when they find a great deal; their satisfaction when their preference is met.

 It was after understanding the travel pain points and travellers’ sentiments that OGenie was created- to offer a platform where a traveller could search, book, board and arrive at a single command of their voice. 


 If you are a first time user, before Genie could help you fly, you need to help Genie with some information so it can make you fly effortlessly, every time you ask it to. 

We’re sure you have the application on your mobile screen. If not, download now


Now that you have the OGenie application, let Genie work its magic-

 Help Genie with a few answers and access to a few permissions- your name, mobile number, location and notification- all this for Genie to know you better so it makes you travel better.

Now that that’s done, you can ask Genie to take you places. This is how a simple conversation between you and Genie would flow-


You: Genie, show me flights from Mumbai to Goa

Genie: Mumbai to Goa it is, 

Flight results

Genie: Any specific date?

You: March 21

Genie: The prices are currently typical for your trip. Are we booking only for you?

User: Book the afternoon IndiGo flight for 2 people

Genie: I would need the flight number to continue the booking

User: 6E 6219

Genie: Booking 2 IndiGo flight tickets from Mumbai to Goa for 2 passengers for Saturday, March 21. A few details and we’ll be done.

Passenger names


Genie: Need your payment details to finish the flight booking


Once the payment is made you’ll receive a confirmation message from Genie and a flight ticket on your email within a few minutes.

When you do the bookings for the first time Genie would ask a few questions, eventually, with each booking transaction, the questions would reduce as Genie would learn your travel preferences. The flight booking steps and time would also reduce as Genie would know some of your choices and details.

 Let’s say this booking is done and now you want to book another flight ticket.

 You: Genie, book 3 tickets to Delhi from Patna on the 15th of this month

 Genie would now suggest you flight options based on your preference from your previous search



-Airline class


-Cancellation policy 


And when you choose the flight, Genie would again ask for passenger information and confirm the payment method you chose earlier saving you time while enhancing your flight booking experience. 

 How does Genie do it?

Genie tries to know you better with every transaction. And that's the wonder of machine learning. 

We use methods like classification, regression, prediction and other machine learning styles to know you better. Because the better we know you the more personalised results we are able to offer. In order to know you, we:

           Collect data< Prepare data< Train Genie< Evaluate< Fine tune< Repeat the process

 There is no single algorithm that works for all travel tasks- flight booking, flight cancellation, flight rescheduling. Each task has its own idiosyncrasies meaning a lot of algorithms and approaches to suit each task and again more algorithms and approaches for every individual quirk. It is by combining several deep learning models we bring in a relevant context based on a user's previously defined preferences to take an action of flight booking. 

 Ready to book a flight?

 This is how you can talk to Genie to search and book a flight for you

-Genie, show me the cheapest flight to Amsterdam for Tuesday

-Hi, looking for morning flights to Kolkata from Bengaluru

-Genie, show me IndiGo flights to Chennai

-Genie, book me and my wife on the last flight to Paris from Delhi on Valentine’s eve

-Hi, show me nonstop flights to Dublin

-Genie, book 2 tickets for tomorrow on the fastest flight to Sydney


Flight booking with Genie is easy- all you need to do is say where and when you wish to fly from where.



 You thought flight booking was easy with Genie, cancellation is even simpler. 

 Why flight cancellation is effortless with Genie?

Because it is a travel pain point- during our research cancellation was one travel pain point that almost every traveller complained about. And, since we want to make travel effortless, we had to make flight cancellation effortless. Here’s how you can cancel a flight booking you earlier booked with Genie. 


Let’s take the same scenario- Mumbai to Goa


You: Genie, cancel my flight booking

Genie: You have 2 upcoming flights. Which one do you wish to cancel?

Mumbai to Goa    OR New Delhi to Patna

You: Cancel my Mumbai to Goa trip

Genie: On it

A couple of minutes and you get a message from Genie

Genie: Your flight booking for 2 IndiGo tickets from Mumbai to Goa for 2 passengers for Saturday, March 21 is cancelled. Have initiated the refund. Will keep you posted


Once you tell Genie about your plans (here, cancellation), it gets to work. This was a simple example with no connecting or return flight, but even if you have a return trip, hotel stay or a connecting flight Genie would understand that it would need to work on the next steps and ask and even suggest amends. It’s not for nothing we call Genie an intelligent virtual travel buddy. It’s AI works in all directions-


  1. Finding the flight which needs to be cancelled

  2. Checking if you have any connected flight

  3. Checking if it is a one-way, return or multi-city trip

  4. Checking if you have a hotel booking

  5. Checking if you have any cab booking for that particular flight (to and from the airport)

  6. Checking the cancellation and refund policy of the airline

  7. Cancelling the flight

  8. Initiating the refund process


All these steps are taken care of in the back-end before Genie cancels your flight booking and all this happens within fractions of minutes. 

 To cancel a flight booking with Genie all you need to say is


-Hi Genie, cancel my booking for flight no. 6E 6219

-Hi, cancel my booking for tomorrow

-Genie, I want to cancel my Mumbai-Goa booking

-Genie, cancel my return trip 

-Hi, cancel my IndiGo flight booking

-Genie, cancel my upcoming trip


Flight cancellation is truly hassle-free with Genie. Tell Genie your flight number and it’ll be done within no time.



Just as flight booking and flight cancellation are effortless, flight rescheduling with OGenie is also effortless.

You: Genie, I want to reschedule my Mumbai-Goa booking. Now we’ll be going on March 20

Genie: Take a look at the flight options for Friday, March 20.

You: Book 2 tickets on the same IndiGo flight

Genie: I’m cancelling the flight tickets for March 21 and booking 2 flight tickets on 6E 6219 for March 20.


Who can reschedule flight booking with Genie?

You can reschedule your flight booking only if you have booked your flight ticket with OGenie.


To reschedule your earlier booked flights with Genie you need to tell Genie to

-Genie, change my booking

-Genie, modify my Mumbai-Goa booking

-Hi, I want to reschedule my flight

-Hi, I want to change my flight booking


Genie is here to simplify the way you fly. Talk to Genie- try booking a flight with Genie now.

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