Sameeksha Jain- She focuses on details, getting the little things right

Celebrating Genie woman Sameeksha

Mar 06 • 1 min read

A voice you can’t ignore, 

A smile you would fall in love with. 

Sameeksha has a spirit of warrior and she knows there is no space for fear or doubt in life. If you are right there is nothing in the world you need to be afraid of!


A disciplined young woman who doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinion. If she believes something is right for the product or if something will not work on Genie, Sameeksha would be among the first ones to fight about it.



For a new Genieus, Sameeksha would be the one with attitude or aggression, but for her entire development team and the management, she is the biggest asset as she is natural. She is who she is and not afraid of owing it.


She takes her sweet time to open up, but once you get to know her you understand the kind woman behind that fierce demeanour.


A strong woman stands up for herself, a stronger woman stands up for others and that is Sameeksha for you.



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