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Let’s get to know Ankit, a little bit better!

Jul 03 • 5 min read

Let’s get to know Ankit, a little bit better!

Name: Ankit Kimtee





                          “It doesn’t matter where you come from. It matters where you are going

With a sharp knack of finding extraordinary- people, experiences, is Ankit’s vision that everyone should experience extraordinary. 

Adaptable, Ankit understands his team very well and enjoys every moment with them- in good spirits and sometimes in bad- but in the end, it’s always his easy going nature that wins all. Let’s talk Work

Describe a typical day for you do at OGenie: 

My day at OGenie is a mix of team scrums, networking calls, one-on-one conversations with team members, giving directions to the support & HR. Other than that, briefing our co-founders & investors on updates & ideas.

What are you currently working on?

We’ve come full circle. Initially, the idea was to offer a concierge-like service that can do things to make it seem effortless. We started with travel & hence OGenie and now this pandemic has pushed us to evolve, so we are back to where we started. We’re now working on developing voice/ chat assistants across industries.

What do you enjoy the most about working for OGenie? 

Besides getting to learn so much from the team and their unique experiences, Networking events. I believe in networking and with every new event I attend, my belief becomes stronger.

What challenges have you dealt with that you are most proud of? 

Making the switch from a traditional businessman to a new-age technopreneur. The art of learning is great but what is amazing is the art of unlearning. Keeping aside the traditional ways and accepting newer ways and evolving with it.



Let’s talk Travel-networking

How did you get into the networking zone? Also, how do you prepare for an event?

Networking is my passion, but attending the TiEcon 2019 events- one in the true tech mecca- the Silicon Valley and one in aamchi Mumbai, further boosted my belief in the power of networking. And, then we attended RISE Hong Kong where we pitched OGenie, launched at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal and the latest is Collision From Home where we are showcasing GenieTalk.

About the preparations, I start a couple of days before the event. Do my research on the topics, speakers, mentors, sessions, the centre where the event is taking place, basically all of it. My end goal remains to utilize my time there to the fullest.


  • Do your homework

  • Read about the speakers and mentors

  • Set reminders on your chosen session 


What are your biggest learnings from these events?

1. The best part about attending conferences of such great magnitude is 

  1. You gain confidence

  2. You gain the audience

  3. You gain the investor attention


2. Competition is Good – It creates a bigger market and helps to educate the audience.


3. Delay is Dangerous – You think your idea is unique (your product might actually be) but you never know who else is working on similar lines.

What's preventing India’s travel industry from reaching its true potential?

Leveraging digital technology. 

For a country surrounded by the Himalayas to the north, the Indian Ocean to the south, the Bay of Bengal to the east, and the Arabian Sea to the west, India quite hasn’t tapped into the full potential of tourism. 

Despite good tourism growth statistics, India has a long way to go to fully exploit this domain. But with our new mantra- Go Vocal for Local- we’re expecting the Indian travel sector to pick up. Not only it’ll help the government but also ​​empower the lakhs of people operating in the tourism and hospitality sector. 




Let’s get Personal We know professionally you’re creating powerful technology, what about personal life, is there something else you create?

Music! I am very passionate about it, you can consider it as something that soothes me, creating music is like meditation for me. My wife Rashmi has a beautiful voice. I’ve set up a small music studio where she sings and I produce music. Even my son has taken up singing- music helps me unwind.

It's actually interesting that my passion for music came very handy, when we were trying to design a MOGO ( brand music) for OGenie. We tried many music production houses, but were not happy with any of the creations & since I consider OGenie as my own baby, I knew no one can capture the spirit of this venture better than me in music. And I produced it, it took me 7 sleepless days, and 3 recordings by Rashmi to perfect it. You can listen to some of my work on Rashmi’s youtube channel.

When was your last vacation? 

Just before the lockdown. I was in the UK to visit my brother. Your travel is what motivates me even more to make OGenie better, first hand experience improves UX even better. 

What is one thing that changed you for the better?

Lockdown! Last 4 months have been hard for everyone. I suppose if you have perspective, you can see any drawback as an opportunity, this pandemic pushed me to work harder, on my own. I’ve always been a hearty eater, but now am a healthy eater and have started exercising a lot. The process was grilling, since I believe in perfection in whatever mission I embark on be it music or fitness, so I researched vigorously, disciplined myself, trained myself to be better, to be an expert even of my body’s fitness needs. And now I’ve lost close to 15 kgs and this is something I’m extremely proud and happy about. 


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