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Let's get to know Hitesh, a little bit better!

Jan 01 • 2 min read

Let's get to know Hitesh, a little bit better!

Name: Hitesh Karwani

Title: Customer Experience Specialist

That Genieus who from limited interaction went on to have full-on regular exchanges with each department during the COVID lockdown, Hitesh is there for everything, be it customer support or managing socials for OGenie. Some even say that the office is incomplete without him, and they eagerly wait for his arrival.


Let's talk work

Describe a typical day for you at OGenie.

My undertakings in a typical day revolve around customer experience, such as providing support, engaging the target audience in social media, generating leads, pitching to clients, and coordinating with internal departments for getting the customer queries resolved on priority. I also get to do testing on Alpha, Beta, and Live environments to help the developers to make our app bug-free.

What's the best thing about being part of OGenie?

You get to experiment, whether it's with customer handling, quality assurance, or social media, making OGenie an ideal place for people who can be an all-rounder and do multitasking.

What's the one project that you are most proud of and why?

OGenie's FreeHitChallenge is the one project that is closest to me. With my team, I got to work on the IPL-inspired contest on Instagram, which led to a significant increase in engagement.

Let's talk Customer Experience

What makes for a great customer experience?

We need to be customer-focused not just try to get our points across to build positive relations with our customers.

How do you ensure that existing customer experiences stay positive?

Apart from gaining a clear understanding of the requirements of each client, I ensure to provide timely, relevant, and valuable information. Also, I ask for and work on the feedback received from our customers so that they continue enjoying a superb experience.

Let's get Personal

What do you do in your free time?

I listen to music, watch movies and web series. Also, I love memes, so I surf my socials for that. On the weekend, sometimes I go on a long drive with my beloved wife, eat street foods, and drive back home ❤️.

What keeps you motivated?

Helping others and empowering people is what motivates me the most. It doesn't matter whether it's a colleague, friend or relative. There are times when the people around you need that extra drive to get going. I relish the opportunity to reach out to such people. It gives me a sense of confidence and belief that I can be of some help. The idea that I might provide a solution to someone's problem is what drives me to do a good job.

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