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Let's get to know Ibrahim, a little bit better!

Dec 25 • 2 min read

Let's get to know Ibrahim, a little bit better!

Name: Ibrahim Sheikh

Title: Enterprise Account Associate

Communicating and building relationships with clients and colleagues, Ibrahim is that Genieus who has it all figured out and knows who needs to hear what. Although he looks serious, he is always there to lighten the mood for us.

Let's talk work

Describe a typical day for you at OGenie.

I spend most of my day interacting with prospective clients to understand their requirements and share it with the development team to build personalized solutions.

What's the best part about working at OGenie?

At OGenie, every day feels like an achievement. The opportunity to interact with and be an integral solution for each client is a phenomenal experience.

Let's talk Enterprise Account Management

What counts as a success for an Enterprise Account Associate?

Others would say that closing a deal is the endgame. But, I go one step further and consider the long-term satisfaction of clients to be the ultimate goal.

How do you manage personality conflict with a client?

It is crucial to understand that conflicts arise when there is a difference in opinions. I make sure to keep in mind that I am in to serve clients and build a mutually beneficial relationship. Also, empathy and understanding the client's point of view helps.

How did you stay connected with clients during COVID lockdown?

I mostly communicate with clients via email or phone. So, there wasn't such an impact as experienced by someone relying on in-person interaction. Even then, this pandemic changed the way we communicate as work and personal life got mixed up for both clients and us.

Let's get Personal

What are your hobbies?

I like reading and also travelling to places that are known for their unusual experiences.

What inspires you?

My family is the driving force behind everything I do. And, in office, my colleagues and seniors are the ones who keep me energetic.

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