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Let’s get to know Nikhil, a little bit better!

Jul 31 • 4 min read

Let’s get to know Nikhil, a little bit better!

Name: Nikhil Pandey

Title: Chief Technology Officer 

A man of diverse passions, Nikhil is not only the Chief Technology Officer but also the Chief Green Officer. If you receive a plant from him, know that he’s happy with your work. A foodie to the core, he enjoys treating his team and does all the वसूली by making them work overtime ;) 

The conversations never stops and neither does the work- all with a warm smile :)

Let’s talk Work

What does your typical day look like? 

It starts a little early by standards and ends a little late! The day is chock-a-block with meetings, scrums, solving issues, guiding the team, pushing the team, more meeting with the management, just working to get the best version out.

How do you communicate your vision that inspires technical teams?

Managing a diverse group of IT teams and implementing long-term policies present a lot of challenges. There’s always some initial resistance from one team or the other. 

I've learned to make high-level strategies relatable to a developer’s day-to-day concerns. If I can show how it helps them, it's easier to get things done.


I understand that I get a little pushy at times, forcing the team to go out of their comfort zone, but ultimately we get all on the same page.



How do you motivate your team in stressful situations?


There have been times when we were not able to deliver the version on time and once or twice it became a big issue. I take it on me as I’m heading the team, but ultimately it becomes a combined responsibility so what we do is talk it out and start over.

Otherwise, I’ll have to say, everyone here owns their responsibility.


What challenges have you dealt with that you are most proud of? 


We are working on the most sophisticated technology, so one challenge is finding the right talent. Changing the complete idea from virtual assistant to virtual travel buddy was one heck of a challenge. A complete shift in design, in mannerism, in training, in the model.


But the one I’m most proud of is the drastic change in our working styles. I’m completely obsessed with security and for me to shift the entire working from a complete secured environment of office to working from home where security could play a major threat, the shift is something that I’m happy about. It also helped loosen me as a person.





Let’s talk Technology



How important is the culture of technology to you?


This is an interesting question. Many a time I think about what culture has to do with technology in the first place. Well, when we see the kind of business culture fostered here, it is the same way technology is treated.

Our culture encompasses things like open-door policies with management, the chain of command, security, transparency and Technology plays a major role in that. The way it is implemented and the way we engage with it. Our technology capabilities match the work environment, the way we have embraced this new way of working, our infrastructure, Bring-Your-Own-Device culture.


Its also our personal relationship with technology, how it fits into our life. Technology is one of the most important part of our culture.



How important is cybersecurity to you?


It is extremely important, some of my coworkers say, I’m paranoid about it. I work closely with the security department to ensure that the technologies we work on are actually viable and secure for our operating environment and that compliance is maintained throughout.

Every decision I make, security plays a role in it and impacts almost all of my decisions. 


How do you stay abreast of current trends in technology?



Technology is an ever-changing industry and the field we are working on, there are new developments every now and then. Technology is my biggest passion and it is my interest so I don’t have to push myself to learn and read and work for it. It comes naturally to me and then there are so many resources available- forums, podcasts, articles, discussions...




Let’s get Personal

Do you still code?

Very much.

Does being so passionate about your work hampers the other aspects of your life?

Hmmm, it does. But then everyone around me knows that technology drives me. But I’m working on keeping it balanced.

How do you switch off?

I enjoy nature, I’ve created a kind of green sanctuary in the office, that helps me revive and then I meditate and chill with my buddies and family. 

What is your favourite food?

I cannot be biased about food. I love it all ;)


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