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Let’s get to know Santosh, a little bit better!

Jul 24 • 3 min read


Let’s get to know Santosh, a little bit better!

Name: Santosh Kataria

Title: Cofounder 

A man of few words, Santosh believes in a simple formula- be focused, and the rest will happen. Always willing to take risks in his pursuits of what he believes, he started working at a young age taking his family business to new heights and now his focus is directed towards taking OGenie places. 



Let’s talk Work

What is your role at OGenie? 

I maintain a reduced involvement in the day-to-day role and take more control over how I am contributing to the overall growth. I am happy to be a part of a team whose success is tied to each one’s inclusive ability to understand, accept and thrive in each of our roles. 


Tell me about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative 


I’m always at the back foot so coming out front while launching OGenie at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal was something that brought out my creative side in an extraordinary way. I usually handle the operations side of the business, but here I was the one representing OGenie so the approach was quite out-and-out, that’s something I rarely do. The experience was exhilarating!

What challenges have you dealt with that you are most proud of? 

Acting as the conduit between the factions within the company. Also, bring our cost structure in line with what was appropriate and rebuild our product and our brand, that too overnight. 


I come from a long line of businesses, but running a startup is different than running a traditional business. The challenge for me was to move quickly, to react and respond efficiently, and to change the culture so that we can adapt to everything that is thrown at us, much of which is often well outside of our control. 



Let’s talk Partnerships

What is your strategic vision for OGenie?

As countries closed borders and enforced lockdowns, the travel industry was virtually grounded overnight. We were not disillusioned but had to find an opportunity, we put all our focus into creating alliances and partnerships that are looking good at this time.

Finding the right partners is high on my strategy to get the organization off the ground. 


What major threats/opportunities do you foresee? How do you plan to handle them?



We are in a business that has extraordinary levels of complication, affected by almost everything going on in the world. When I look forward, I feel we’re extremely well-positioned to win regardless of what is thrown at us. We are flexible, change our network on the go and figure out what we need to do when travel takes centre stage. The Genie ELITE loyalty program has also strengthened our position. 



Let’s get Personal

What are you into outside of work?

Work takes up a major part of my life and so does the family. Outside of it, I’m into meditation, cricket, travelling. 


What truly motivates you?



There will always be ups and downs in any business or life for that matter, and you want to make sure you are happy and motivated. I pursue my passions, surround myself with people who motivate me, then life is fun.



Give me a quote that works for you?


बीते हुए कल से सीखो, 

आज के लिए जियो, 

आने वाले कल की उम्मीद करो।


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