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Let's get to know Tushar, a little bit better!

Mar 12 • 2 min read

Let's get to know Tushar, a little bit better!

Name: Tushar Dhyani

Title: Data Scientist

A Data Scientist with a great sense of humour, Tushar is superb at mentoring and helping his colleagues see things from a different perspective.


Let's talk Work

How would you describe your typical day at OGenie?

As my day-to-day task, I research various NLP topics, implement the concept into a solution, and produce the codes. Apart from that, working with the team, brainstorming ideas, and figuring out the best ways to implement and integrating them is what stands on any typical day. Much like work, having discussions with the team is also an integral part of my day-to-day activity, and the best time is the time I spend with them.

What's the exciting part of being a Genieus?

The innovative work environment and family-like culture are what make OGenie unique and a great place to work. Being part of a data science team, you might be running into lots of challenges before there's any productive result. At OGenie, you have the freedom to experiment.

Let's talk Data Science

How do you stay updated as a Data Scientist?

I participate in data science competitions on Kaggle and solve problems posted on the StackOverflow Data Science network. There are many newsletters popular in the data science community, including The Algorithm by MIT, The Week in Data, and Hacker News Digest. I read blogs by data science professionals and watch videos on YouTube to keep up with the latest news.



What do you think makes a great data scientist?

As I said earlier, most data science projects don't lead to broader positive impacts. To succeed, there's strength in maintaining the flow from raw data to analysis to actionable insights to proactive action. In my opinion, a great data scientist differs from others in that he/she can frame the problem that needs to be solved, come up with the right solution approach or design, and provide insights in such a way that business executives can take action.

Let's get Personal

What do you prefer - working in small teams, large teams, or by yourself?

I am comfortable in any environment, team or solo. In a team, with the combined knowledge and experience of colleagues, you can have a great brainstorming session and produce several strong ideas. Whereas working as an individual helps me focus on a particular task, and that's what it takes for the team to succeed.

What keeps you motivated?

I am passionate about working as a Data Scientist and challenging myself to find valuable information from raw data. Mentoring and coaching others is also something that keeps me going.

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