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Let’s get to know Pankaj, a little bit better!

Sep 04 • 2 min read

Name: Pankaj Sharma

Title: UI/UX Designer

Soft-spoken but insistent when the time demands, Pankaj is dedicated to growth. He’s always ready to undo and redo- with new ideas and newer zest. It’s all about the experience for him- Genie, customer, life.

Let’s talk Work

Can you describe your ideal workday? How different is it than a typical day for you do at OGenie.

A good day is when communication is easy-flowing about changes in prototypes or wireframes or designs. It’s when we keep end-user goals in mind when designing each element and bringing it forefront. 

Most days are good days as most of us here discuss, suggest and work out to meet on common ground- giving the customer the best experience. Though our ideas keep evolving, as they should, our focus remains fixed.

What is the most difficult task you have encountered?

Changing the design completely overnight, from traditional to trendy, from assistant to buddy, from a little stuck up to a little chilled out. The wireframes, structure, functionality, the interaction, underlying emotion- everything had to be changed and it was one of the difficult tasks. 

Have you ever had a design failure?

Hahaha! But obvious. That’s how we learn to do better. One thing I love about OGenie is that even if we don’t know something, and are ready to learn, we get multiple chances. 

Let’s talk Design

What design trend can you not stand and why?

I believe there’s is no such trend that doesn’t work. Every trend is created depending on the requirement and target audience. 

What’s an example of great design?

Apple products.

How do you keep up with design trends? 

As a designer, your learning should never end because you need to continually sharpen your skills in new styles. I keep in the loop with courses, workshops and seminars.

No matter how experienced you may be, there’s guaranteed to always be something new that you can learn. 

Let’s get Personal

You are always engrossed in your work but when it’s time to take a beat, you’re up for it. What your mantra? 

I feel it’s about the experience and the maturity it brings with it. I keep my work and my life separate and that helps to balance it out. काम के वक़्त काम, मस्ती का तो कोई टाइम नहीं होता, कभी भी कही भीI

What would you like to say to the younger you?

आपका समय सीमित है, इसे किसी और की जिन्दंगी जीकर व्यर्थ न करोI

A few lines that keep you going?

मेहनत इतनी ख़ामोशी से करो की कामयाबी शोर मचा देI निंदा से घबराकर अपने लक्ष्य को न छोड़िये क्योकि लक्ष्य मिलते ही निंदा करने वालो की राय बदल जाती हैI 

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